Christmas Shopping in Australia

I went out the other day to do some Christmas shopping here in Australia. I took myself off to one of those retail parks, you know, big stores out in the open. Here’s a picture of me (pics taken by my little girl, Elizabeth, at no cost. Don’t you love child labour?) with Santa……

BobinOz with SantaBut for some reason, for me, Christmas shopping here in Australia doesn’t seem the same. Something is different. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I wondered, maybe, was it that it’s easier to park…..

Christmas shopping in AustraliaBut no, somehow I don’t think that’s it. Weird, but it just feels different.

Bye Bye F1-11’s

And now for today’s video. If ever you needed any proof that BobinOz is an idiot, this is it.

You’ve heard me talk about the F1-11s on a few occasions, particularly in connection with the Riverfire and dump and burn. Well today those jet planes have finally been taken out of commission and to commemorate it, they did one last flyover of Brisbane this morning.

I knew it was coming, I’d read about it. I had a bit of work to do down the front of the house, outside, so I thought I’d do it at around the same time as the expected flyover to make sure I wouldn’t miss it, if by chance they came anywhere near my house.

Of course, I took my camera with me. But stupidly, left it inside the case switched off. About 10 minutes into my work, I heard the rumbling of loud engines. Before I could even grab the camera bag from the floor they were already flying right over the top of my house! I just didn’t think it through, did I?

I watched, openmouthed, as they disappeared into the distance within about 19 seconds.

Fortunately, the bloke who took this video wasn’t as stupid as me. I imagine he had his camera in his hand, switched on ready to press go. Which is what I should have done.

Stoopid, stoopid, stoopid!

On the contrary, this guy was so smart, he’d recorded this film on an Android phone (a what?) and uploaded it on YouTube within 5 minutes of the fly by.

Some people make you sick, don’t they?

Bye bye F1-11’s……

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