Australia: Always Something Going On.

As you all probably know by now, one thing I really love about Australia is that there is always something to do, always something going on.

Firstly, Australians love their sport. Sport is everywhere around here and even I am back to playing football again, even though I am ridiculously old. Every Wednesday I play outdoors in a six a side tournament and every Thursday I play in an indoor five a side league.

Australians, generally, aren’t so hot on football or “soccer” as they call it but they do love their cricket. It’s a shame I don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to cricket though, because I understand England are having a great time up the road at The Gabba in The Ashes. A couple of our boys apparently hit 329 runs between them, breaking the previous record against Australia which was 323 set way back in 1911.

For many people the weekend is all about their sport, whether that be horseriding, cycling, hockey or simply going down to the beach with the boat, some jetskis or just to hit the surf with a board.

I only mention this because my weekend was partly filled by one of those “always something going on” type events, this time it was ballet. Last time I mentioned ballet on this blog was almost exactly a year ago as Elizabeth prepared for her first Christmas ballet concert.

So guess where I went Saturday evening? That’s right, Elizabeth’s second Christmas ballet concert…..

ballet concertYes, all three hours of it! Actually, that’s not true, I cleared off at half-time because Elizabeth’s bit was all done. But Mrs BobinOz had to stay for all three hours…… and take Elizabeth to all the rehearsals….. and all the weekly lessons……

Little girls love ballet but I’m afraid us adults aren’t so keen. We feel it is both time-consuming and a waste of time. So I am a very proud father today to announce that this second ballet Christmas concert was Elizabeths last. There will be no third ballet Christmas concert. This concert can now be referred to as a farewell concert. Beth has quit the ballet concert game. Her ballet days are behind her. Ballet is off!


It was her own choice; the other week she announced “I’m bored with ballet, do I have to keep going? I’d much rather go to the swimming club”.

That’s my girl, swimming, that’s a proper sport. And it’s quite amusing that she is replacing ballet with swimming, because when I did last mention ballet on this blog a year ago it was in a post called Australia: it’s not all fun and games. And it had this picture on it…

Ta Da!

Yes, me and Elizabeth in the swimming pool.

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