Living in Australia and Staying in Australia

BobinOz Day.

On Friday I posted a video to celebrate the three-year anniversary of our leaving England to move to Australia. You can watch that video on my post Moving to Australia and Missing England.

On Saturday our lives returned to normal again, but on Sunday we were celebrating once more. You see, whilst we left England on November 12, 2007, we didn’t arrive in Australia until November 14. Yes, it is a long flight. But it means today I can talk about Living in Australia and Staying in Australia.

So on Sunday we celebrated three years actually living in Australia, we have decided that November 14 is officially BobinOz Day. And how did we celebrate BobinOz Day? By having a barbecue and going to the beach of course!

Well, actually, not quite the beach. Because, for a change we decided not to head north to the Sunshine Coast or south to the Gold Coast, but to simply go east. As we live on the west side of Brisbane, we have to travel east for about an hour before we reach the sea. Sea but no beach. Brisbane Eastside is mainly on mangroves, so it looks like this….

lota by the sea

East Brisbane BayAnd instead of the traditional miles of golden sand, here we have grass, barbecues, tables, chairs and play areas. Just as much fun, I can tell you.

Grass by the seaI was shocked to see that others were also celebrating BobinOz Day! They had balloons up and everything….

Party by the seaBut when I approached them to say hi and maybe sign autographs, they’d never heard of me! Their party was nothing to do with me at all. Told me to clear off!

So we celebrated BobinOz Day on our own. Some cooked the food…..

cooking on the barbieSome played in the play area…
Play area by the seaAnd whilst the rest of the team put the finishing touches to our food…..

finishing the barbeque…….others (me) wandered around aimlessly taking photographs.

To be truthful, I’m not actually convinced this is all mangroves; I’m not exactly sure what qualifies as mangrove. The area is called Fig Tree Point, so I was wondering, and this is only a shot in the dark, whether these trees are fig trees…..


More mangrove

And even more mangroveHaving said that, mangroves look very much like this, as you will probably have seen from my post about Nudgee Beach. So maybe it is.

For those taking notes, this place was called Lota. Next we drove 3 minutes up the road to see the marina at Manly….

Manly Marina, BrisbaneAnd discovered that they do also have a beach there, just not much of one…

Manly beach

But all in, it’s a beautiful area and was a great way to celebrate three years in Australia.

Steve Irwin Day.

But today is November 15, and it really is a special day in Australia for a real Australian hero and icon, the much missed Steve Irwin.

To find out what it is to “Khaki it!”, or to help continue Steve’s legacy and donate to Wildlife Warriors, visit

And it doesn’t matter if it’s no longer the 15th November, you can donate anytime!

Steve Irwin Statue at Mooloolaba

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  • Mandi August 9, 2011, 9:03 am |

    Want to move to Australia but don’t no what I need or job qualifications it is so lovely would love to live there England is not the place I want to bring up children there is nothing hear for adults let alone children

    • BobinOz August 10, 2011, 12:25 pm |

      Hi Mandi

      You are at stage one, the idea. If you’ve got a long way to go yet, but the journey is worth it if you can get a visa.

      You have a lot of reading to do and those are the two links I would be clicking on first. Good luck!


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