November 5th, Fireworks and Bonfire Night in Australia.

We don’t do it here, not a cracker to be heard, anywhere. Marvellous! But then of course, you knew that, didn’t you? You would have read my post last year about there being no fireworks in Australia on bonfire night.

So instead, this….

I do a lot of charity work, but I just don’t like to talk about it.

But being as it is you, alright then……..

It’s hard work, but most evenings I drink an undisclosed number of tinnies and I throw the empties into a container, like this….

Tinnies AustraliaThen when the container is full, I empty those cans into an even bigger container situated a small distance from my home, from where they are collected at regular intervals in exchange for money. I don’t see any of this money, its charity!

I don’t stop there either, I return home with my empty container and drink more tinnies, repeating the cycle.

Somebody else who does a lot of charity work, like me, is an organisation called PCYC. In their own words from their own website over at, this is who they are and what they do……

Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Clubs facilitate and encourage participation in sporting, recreation, cultural and welfare programs with an aim to improving the lives of individual members and the development of local communities throughout the state.

And on Saturday night they had their 17th Annual Gala Dinner at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre in the West End of the city. And me and Mrs BobinOz went along for the fun with several friends.

PCYC Gala DinnerThese guys must have raised a fortune! It was a massive event, I’m guessing around 1200 people or so were in attendance and tickets weren’t cheap, although they included all food and drink.

They had a couple of auctions; for the silent auction all you had to do to secure an item was agree to pay more than anyone else by writing down your offer on a sheet of A4 paper placed on the table underneath the item. Items were displayed like this…..

Kaka's left boot

In this picture you can see the signed football boot of Brazilian ace Kaka and just behind that a football shirt signed by the entire Spanish squad, winners of Euro 2008 and of course this year’s World Cup.

They also had a Wayne Rooney signed football boot somewhere which I didn’t bother to look at, for anyone who may have been interested. Bizarrely, they had nothing from Gareth Bale.

The open auction was hosted by one of those motormouth auctioneers and had plenty on offer too. Items included a Bali holiday that went for around $10,000 and a pair of signed and framed guitars from a couple of popular bands you may have heard of if you’re English. One was called U2 and the other, the Rolling Stones.

A bargain at $7000.

Not for me of course, I kept my money in my pocket.

But I did put my hand in my pocket for the raffle, even though the tickets were $50 a pop, because the top prize was a brand-new Toyota Yaris. Somebody in the room that night was going to win a Toyota Yaris! And they did!

But it wasn’t me.

The PCYC certainly know how to put on a great show; it was actually billed as A Tribute to Rock ‘n’ Roll. It featured half a dozen or so great entertainers including Elvis and Buddy Holly looky likey’s and an enormously talented old crooner called Doug Parkinson.

When the final band came on and kicked butt, I turned to the girl sitting next to me and said “Crikey, I must be getting old, they look like schoolchildren!” Then I checked the brochure, they were! Aged 14 to 18.

At the end of the evening, I may not have won the car but fortunately, I did have enough money left over for the cab home. We got a maxi cab capable of carrying up to 10 passengers as there were six of us going in the same direction; 22 km in the same direction. It only cost $60. It was 1.30 in the morning! I thought that was the bargain of the night.

But then again, it wasn’t the charity.

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