The Great Australian Doorstep, Back on the Road.

For those of you who have been reading my blog from the very beginning (hello mum), you will recall that way back in January 2009, in only the fourth post on this blog, I announced we’re all going on a summer holiday. And with that announcement I began my Australian road trip and first port of call was the award-winning seaside town of Yamba and from there we just kept on going.

Yamba NSWWhen I say “I”, I do of course mean “we”. I wouldn’t spend three weeks travelling 4,774 km around Australia on my own, would I? So me, my wife Karen and my daughter Elizabeth loaded ourselves up into the Jeep to see some Australian sights. Some of our highlights were:

Yes, we really enjoyed our trip but there’s always someone else who has done it bigger, better, for longer, travelled further, in a better vehicle and with a better camera isn’t there? And a blog was not good enough for this bloke, oh no, he had a TV series! Not only that, but this geezer is taller, younger, fitter and stronger than I, as evidenced by his 291 game career as an Australian rules footballer, whatever that is.

The only thing he is not, is better looking than me….

Spida Everitt vs BobinOzMeet Peter “Spida” Everitt. He has a series on TV called “The Great Australian Doorstep” where he travels around in his motor home with his family checking out some of the remote and not so remote towns. I’ve seen every programme.

Well I thought I had, until I found out about Series 3. More about that in a second.

But one of the skills that I have had to master as a bloke here in Australia, has been the barbecue. Yep, he does that too. And in one of his shows, I can’t remember where he was, he did a recipe that was right up my street. For the first time in my life, I found myself jotting down cooking instructions from a TV programme! Of course, I have since lost them.

A clip of the show I saw isn’t available on Spida’s YouTube channel, but fortunately he has made another video of him cooking the same recipe. This is Masterchef for the blokes….

An Aussie using HP Sauce…. beauty!

If you’re interested in what it’s really like to live in Australia, and I imagine you are if you’re reading this blog, you must tune in to his TV show if you can. I realise that may be tricky for some of you, but who knows, maybe the show will appear on digital channel in the country where you live. Make a note of the name, The Great Australian Doorstep.

Those of you who are here in Australia will need to tune in to Channel 7Two on Saturdays at 5 PM. Peter has a seriously relaxed style of presentation and his wife, Sheree, is pretty good at it too. The scenery is stunning as you would expect and it’s a great way of checking out Australia. I’ve already set my Foxtel box. I’m just sorry we’ve already missed some, we don’t want to miss any more, do we?

The Great Australian Doorstep

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