It’s Been an Entertaining Week Here in Australia

Well I like to end the week with a video and we’ve got a beaut for you today. By the way, beauty or beaut is quite a common expression of joy here in Australia. It’s like saying lovely, or great, or nice and it’s pronounced more like bute or bewdy. Anyway, today is the last day of the school holidays and despite the strange weather we (well my wife really) have managed to keep Elizabeth entertained.

As you know, she’s been to the cinema (twice actually) and she’s been to Roma Street Parklands. But in addition to that she has also had play dates at home, a couple of park dates where mums and kids meet for morning tea and games, she’s been to the Science Museum which had a massive discovery centre, she’s had a sleepover, she’s been to the (free) Enchanted Garden Party in the library with all sorts of craft and game activities, she’s been to a show at the Planetarium and she has also made this pot….

Handmade pot

…. completely free at a craft centre set up in a shopping mall. I’ve said it before but it’s worth saying again, there’s always lots of free things to do in Australia and quite a few of those activities mentioned above cost nothing.

But what’s been so strange about the weather?

Well, as you remember a week of rain was predicted, but we only really got a couple of days. Then this week, on Wednesday the temperature did actually peak at 31°C but then the next day it was just 21°C. That’s a pretty big swing and 21° feels pretty cool when it’s side-by-side with a scorchio. It’s been pretty cool again today but no doubt the weather will return to hot, sunny with clear blue skies when the school gates open again on Monday.

And now that video.

I’ve got something really special for you today; this has caused quite a stir here in Australia this week, although most of it passed me by. We have a program called Australia’s Next Top Model, usual setup, a bunch of contestants, one voted off each week until finally there is a winner. So this was the moment to announce the winner. There’s no point in me trying to keep what’s going to happen next a secret, I think this item has gone international. So you probably already know that the presenter makes one huge mess of it.

But what you can try and work out and what the people here in Australia have been debating is, was this a genuine mistake or a complete fake done purely for publicity. Decide for yourself…..

Real or fake, it doesn’t bother me either way. But what did amuse me were some of the comments on YouTube about this suggesting if it had happened in America, it would have ended in a scrap.

There would have been hair pulling, punching and Sarah Murdoch the presenter almost certainly would have got a slap. As I say, that was the feeling of some of the commenter’s on YouTube.

As one put it “Wow! You Australians are so nice….”

No we’re not, we’re bewdies!

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