Australian Climate: More Strange Weather….

Australia is a big country; I know I have mentioned it before. But then, I’m just stating the obvious aren’t I? Everybody knows Australia is a big country.

But I was reminded of how big Australia is again this week. As you know I have been talking about the arrival of spring here over the last couple weeks and with it the soaring temperatures and awaking wildlife. I’m not sure where the mercury ended up today, but it has been hitting 25°C to 27°C of late around these parts.

My experiences of life in Australia are very much Brisbane-based, but I’m often asked about other places in Australia. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to give much of a reply. For example, the other day I was asked about Tasmania. This is a brief extract from my answer….

“I imagine Tasmania is gorgeous if you like amazing countryside and fishing ports. Tasmania has a huge European influence and in many ways is quite different from Australia. It won’t be as hot there as mainland Australia…….”

Won’t be as hot as mainland Australia! You can say that again, which I just have. Here’s proof…..

That video was from just a couple of weeks ago, September 16. But again on the news today….

“Heavy snowfalls have again closed some Tasmanian roads. Snow has fallen as low as 200 metres in the state’s south and 300 metres in the north.

The weather bureau says up to 25 millimetres of snow was dumped at Strathgordon and up to 6 millimetres near Hobart.

More snow is expected during the day and tomorrow.”


Yes, although it is spring, Tasmania is apparently going through one of its coldest periods in decades. This weather isn’t normal. A while back I put up a video from a lady who goes by the name Xttina67 on YouTube and who believes we “are living in the end of days”.

She has a theory that Australia is at the forefront globally in terms of strange things happening. You can read my post about her observations on Australia over at The End of the World Is Nigh.

Since she made the video and the day after I published it on my blog, New Zealand had an earthquake which she kind of predicted. I wonder what she makes of this snow. It’s certainly another strange thing to add to her list.

But the end of the world? No! That’s not until 2012 is it?

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