Caxton Street, Brisbane: A Night in the City

Those of you who subscribe to my sometimes weekly, sometimes fortnightly depending on what’s happening newsletter will already know that on Friday Mrs BobinOz and I went out for the evening. Our little girl was having another sleepover and we weren’t going to waste the opportunity.

On previous nights and out we’d been to the city centre to sample a few of the pubs and were quite impressed with the decor in the Brisbane Casino. We have also been to New Farm and loved the look of The Brisbane Powerhouse.

But on Friday we decided to go back to Caxton Street, that’s where we went just a couple of months ago for our friends leaving do. But on that particular evening we spent most of our time in a bar where a 500 mL beer and a glass of house wine costs $21. Ouch!

So on this occasion we headed in the opposite direction of that bar, this way, like two moths attracted to the lights…..

Caxton Street, BrisbaneWe were hungry but didn’t really fancy a proper sit-down restauranty type of meal. And we hadn’t consumed anywhere near enough alcohol to make us want to buy a takeaway kebabs. So we popped into this place…..

Mirasoul Bar and Restaurant, BrisbaneTurns out we picked a winner!

A pint of Beez Neez, a beaut of a premium beer, $8.50. And a glass of Angel Cove Sauvignon Blanc, $6.50. So $15 all in, much better than last time. And for food we decided to share an extra large pizza. We paid an extra $2.50 to go half and half. For one half of our pizza we chose Firenze and the other the Moroccan. So $28.50 for the pizza.

It was just what we wanted. It wasn’t too crowded in the bar so we had no problem sitting at a table. Our piping hot pizza was brought out to us within about 15 minutes of ordering and both halves got the thumbs up. They even had a live DJ mixing up some pretty cool tunes.

Mirasoul, worth a visit.

Having digested our food and enjoyed some more drinks, this time I chose a pint of Fat Yak Pale Ale, again at $8.50, we went back out onto the street to find more bars to investigate. We noticed that things had got markedly busier……

The rugby crowd hit the streetTurns out that the big game, of which we were blissfully unaware, had just finished in the Suncorp Stadium a matter of no more than a few hundred yards away. 45,000 people were in that stadium to see the Gold Coast Titans play the Sydney Roosters in the NRL (rugby league) semi-final.

The Titans dreams of reaching the finals were crushed by a rampant Roosters side that notched up a 32-6 victory. As the spectators spilled out into the streets, were we subjected to hollering and shouting, abuse and bad language, arguing and fighting?

No, all I saw were blokes wearing either the light blue shirts of the losers or the darker colours of the winners, drinking beers shoulder to shoulder in the pubs and bars along Caxton Street.

We’ve not yet had a bad night out in the city, we certainly enjoyed this one. Here’s to Elizabeth’s next sleepover.

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