Cost of Living Australia: Going to the Cinema.

I did mention on Monday about the school holidays being here and the weather being awful. It is a big shame because lots of outdoor events have been organised yet the weather is only fit for going to the cinema.

And that’s just what Mrs BobinOz did with my daughter Elizabeth on Monday.

They went to see the movie “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore“. I won’t spoil the plot in case any of you who have plans to see this movie. But I did ask Elizabeth to review it exclusively for us here on BobinOz.

Elizabeth’s Review of “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore”. An Exclusive for BobinOz Readers.

“It was nice. I liked it.”

Our thanks to Elizabeth for that.

But what did it cost?

It was $9 for each of them to get in, which is interesting because my wife paid the child’s price, so same as Elizabeth. This is because it’s a kid’s film and the cinema is recognising that the adult is only there to accompany their child. So they let adults in for the same price.

Nice idea, I thought. But as I haven’t been to the pictures since the release of “Buck Rogers in the 20th Century”, maybe all cinemas do the same. Just so that you know, the usual adult price at the cinema is $16. Unless…….

Cheap Tuesday.

My wife goes to these about once a month, it’s on Tuesdays in case that slipped by you, with her friend Stacy. That’s when adults only pay the child’s price to see any movie, so back down to nine bucks again.

Another interesting slant they have running during this holiday period is their “Family Fun” promotion. Every time you see a film you get a stamp on your card so your next visit is reduced by one dollar. So next time they both go to see a kids film it’ll be $8 each. Then it’ll be $7, then $6, $5 and so on. If it rains for long enough, who knows how cheap the cinema might end up being.

But the weather here hasn’t been as bad as was expected. We had heavy rain on Monday, drizzle on Tuesday and today has been virtually rainfall free, except for a couple of very short light sprinkles. At times I think the sun was actually trying to break through the clouds.

So my wife and daughter went back outdoors for….

School Holiday Fun at Roma Street Parkland.

Roma Street Parkland is an impressive park about as close as you can get to the city centre. From 20 to 24 September they are running an event called “School Holiday Fun”.

I have mentioned many times here that Australia is great for free stuff. This is another free event, free to get in with lots of free things to do. There are the usual attractions, like free balloons being given out by Mr Bumble the clown…

Mr Bumble - ClownFace painting….

face paintingAnd of course, the parks usual play areas….

Roma Street ParklandBut in addition to the usual, they had some great activities for the kids. They could choose from….

  • Hip hop dance classes
  • Drama fun by Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble
  • Gardening activities
  • Garden Craft
  • Jumping castle
  • Barnyard Babies
  • Balloon Art
  • I Spy in spec!
  • Brisbane Roar
  • Out and about with bub guided tour

I have no idea what half of that stuff is, but I do know the girls had fun at Roma Street Parkland. Everything was free, but some things you needed to show your Translink Go Card or the bus or train ticket you got for getting there. It was a promotion for public transport.

But even if you arrived by personal helicopter, a simple gold coin donation, I explained gold coin donations in my post What a Wombat, would allow you to join in on the fun.

More holiday fun, I’m sure, still to come.

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  • Nathan May 11, 2011, 7:13 am |

    Its so cool that your cinima does kind of ticket discout deal. I wish I lived near a cinima that would lower the price everytime I went to see a movie. Do you know if they have that deal in other cities in Australia? It’s really neet that there are so many free activities for kids to go to in your city. I’m sure you children had a blast.

    • BobinOz May 12, 2011, 12:39 am |

      Yes, it is a pretty cool idea, although I’ve never been. Mrs BobinOz goes quite regularly and I’m sure it does happen elsewhere around Australia because I think the cinema in question is part of a chain.

      It’s amazing how many things you can do for free out here to entertain the kids, and if nothing is going on there is always the beach. Which is, of course, always free.

      Only this weekend, we went for a barbecue in the mountain, that was free and really quite stunning.

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