Yippee! It’s the School Holidays….

Yes, after a long hard term doing all that learning stuff, it’s the school holidays here in Australia. At last, time for their well-deserved rest, or…

Time to have some fun!

Let’s see, what could we do? Well there are several theme parks down at the Gold Coast, just one and a bit hour’s drive. We have more great kid’s parks than you can shake a stick at. Or visit one of the seven or eight native wildlife centres, all within an hour and a half by car.

And I haven’t even scratched the surface here. As usual, ourbrisbane.com (Edit: sorry, link no longer works) has compiled an amazing list of things to do to keep your kids entertained during this two-week spring holiday.

There is only one problem.

Holiday weatherThe weather forecast is terrible. But have Google got it right?


Spring rain in Australia

Where's my hot and sunny with clear blue skies?

Yes, they have. Just as I mentioned the other week that spring has arrived like the flicking on of a heater, the school holidays have arrived with the turning on of at tap. Rain is forecast for the whole week.

So, anyone fancy the cinema instead?

Our new car.

I recently did a post about buying a second-hand car in Australia when we, er, were buying a second-hand car in Australia. I thought you might like to see a picture of it….

speed cameraNot a very good picture, is it? That’s because it was taken by a speed camera! Yes, my wife has been done for speeding again. Last time she got a speeding ticket, it was a $200 fine for doing 89 kph in a 70 limit. This time the fine was a little lower at $133 for doing 71 kph in a 60 limit.

A step in the right direction I suppose. But stepping off the gas would be much better.

But for sure, if you break the law here in a car, you are very likely to get caught. They proactively stop and check for drunk drivers, as you will know already if you read my post Driving in Australia and the RBT.

And they are also hot on speeding, just ask my wife.

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