The End of the World Is Nigh….

And it’s starting in Australia!

You may have noticed that I often like to end the week with an amusing video, usually sourced from YouTube. Last week we had Bob Katter dealing with the media with such charm at Canberra airport.

By the way, we still don’t know who is going to be running this country almost 2 weeks after the election. We are, as you could say, “Rudderless”! We miss you Kevin.

Anyway, this week’s video is either funny or very scary, depending on your views. I came across it after hearing on the news that Australia was being attacked by a huge plague of locusts.

As we already know, Australia is a big country, but not only have I not seen any locusts, but had it not been for that news item I would never have known. Nobody is talking about it. So I decided to investigate and this was the video I came across first…

Disturbing? Outrageous? Funny? You decide.

There are many prophecies that point to the world ending in December 2012; the only debate is, apparently, how. But the notion that that process has already begun, and here in Australia first, certainly takes the shine off of going through all the effort of getting a visa and moving to Australia.

So I decided to investigate some of the points.

Locust swarms the size of Spain.

The video referred to “an Australian plague of locusts the size of Spain”. I think that was slightly misleading, the area affected was about the size of Spain, but the swarms were definitely not that big.

A large swarm of locusts is generally thought to be something like 10 km x 5 km. But for sure we do currently have a big locust problem brewing here in Australia. Conditions right now are perfect for hatching and the egg density in some areas is estimated to be between 5,000 and 22,000 insects per square metre.

I’ll grab my can of Raid then.

Flooding and mudslides March 23rd

Yes, this was true for sure. I blogged about it at the time and you can read my post and see amazing video footage by clicking this link to the Perth Flash Floods.

Huge hailstorms March 7th.

Again, yes, and reported here on BobInOz. See Melbourne Flash Floods.

Fish falling from the sky?

Why didn’t I blog about that? I do remember it but the popular explanation was those fish were picked up by a tornado. Apparently when tornadoes are over the sea they pick up large quantities of water and, along with it, sometimes fish too. Remember how that house stayed up in the sky in The Wizard of Oz?

Fish can stay up in the sky like that too! But they had to come down some time and on this occasion they came down on a place called Lajamanu in Northern Territory.

So strange things are happening here, but I’m not sure it’s signalling the end of the world. But it’s interesting to see that when I was a kid, news of Earth’s demise was brought to me by, usually, a scruffy looking man with an advertising board hung over his body as he marched up and down Southend High Street.

Now you can do it all from the comfort of your own home via YouTube or in a blog.

That’s progress!

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  • BobinOz February 7, 2011, 2:10 pm |

    Nothing so far. She’s been talking about the Egypt riots, 7000 buffalo dead in Vietnam and 200 cows that dropped dead in Wisconsin lately.

  • Josh February 6, 2011, 7:41 am |

    I wonder what that lady (xttina67) thinks about the flooding.

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