Australian Politics Explained Again: The 2010 Election Results.

In my original post Australian politics explained from the middle of last year, I tried to give an outline of how it all works out here. But as I wrote that article, I had no idea Australian politics could be so much fun. Let’s take a look at where we are today following last Saturday’s national compulsory vote.

  • Labour:                72 seats.
  • Coalition:             72 seats.
  • The Greens:          1 seat.
  • Independents:        3 seats.

That adds up to 149 seats, there are 150 up for grabs. So there is one still left to declare. And it is here in Brisbane and at the moment the coalition appear to be in pole position to clinch that one.

But of course, with 150 seats in all, the magic number to form a government is 76 seats. Nobody is going to get that. So the big boys have to suck up to the independents to get them to join their gang in order to form a government.

One of those independents is a man called Bob Katter. I’d never heard of him until I saw him on the news the other night; he’d flown into Canberra where he was met at the airport by the media.

This man is a whirlwind! This bloke tells it how it is, there is no BS, he is passionate, not afraid to speak his mind and he looks every bit like a true blue Aussie.

Here is your opportunity to meet Bob and marvel at the way he charms the media……

Yes, Bob Katter may just be the most entertaining politician this country has got right now. If you watched the video to the end, you will also have noticed he is on the case of the Coles and Woolworth’s duopoly problem, something I talked about just a couple of weeks ago in my post where’s all my money gone.

He is also a great supporter of Australian farmers who, as he mentioned, went through a really bad time, especially around 2006 at the height of Australia’s severe drought.

Here’s Bob having a right old rant about the abuse of the 457 visa by some people in the mining industry…

They say the swing in Australian political power lies with the independents right now. I’d be quite happy for all of the power to swing towards Bob Katter right now, he sounds like good bloke to me. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll be Prime Minister.

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