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The Main Story on Seven News

Welcome to my first ever blog post on a Saturday. Yes, it is Saturday, but only just. It’s 1 AM Saturday morning here and I do usually like to post a little earlier than this. Like on Friday! I am late for a reason, you will find out why in a minute.

So the big story on the news here in Australia is that today this country goes to the polls. How exciting is that? It’s kind of neck and neck according to the surveys, so nobody is predicting the result. Well, nobody human that is. Fortunately this country is blessed with a psychic crocodile…..

Well, that’s spoilt the excitement of staying up until silly o’clock watching the results come in.

So why is this post late today? Well, I lost my Internet connection yesterday at about 11 AM and only got it back about 20 minutes ago. Now I know one of the two parties hoping to run the country has pledged to set up superfast Internet connections nationwide. Trouble is, I can’t remember which of the two made this pledge and I couldn’t get online to find out either. But as I don’t get a vote anyway, it really doesn’t matter, does it? So lets move on to….

A Much Better Story on Seven News

As I can’t vote, for me this was a much better story. This was a BobinOz kind of story. In fact I wonder if Seven News have been reading my blog to get inspiration for their news stories. This one was presented by Rod Young…

Rod Young Seven NewsHere’s what he had to say. “South East Queensland have been treated to a preview of spring with temperatures well above average to date. No records were set but it was our hottest day in three months. John Schluter has more…..”

Gold Coast beach in winterJohn then interviewed some tourists from the UK in his report and made a direct comparison between the summer temperatures of England to the winter temperatures here in Queensland. What a great idea!

John went on to say “At home (in the UK) in an English summer, it was only 22° but warm north easterlies have pushed the Gold Coast to 27.5°….”

More Gold Coast BeachesBut he did have a warning for us. “Don’t be fooled, winter is not over quite yet! It’ll only reach 22° tomorrow.”

Oh dear. Brrrr!

Reading a book on the beach

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