The Brisbane Ekka is Back in Town!

This morning, around the inner city and beyond, traffic was nose to tail. Yes, it’s that time of year again, the Ekka is here!

Last year we visited the Ekka for the first time and we went on rides, bought showbags and generally wandered about.

I made two posts about this event at the time, the first informed you about those famous Ekka showbags and in the second I explained three well-known Ekka facts.

But the Ekka really is so much more than a giant funfair that sells lolly bags. (Lollies here means sweets.) It is the shows that make the Ekka what it is.

It has horse Shows….

It has fashion Shows…..

And more animals shows than you can shake a stick at……..

It even has a monster trucks show……

And a flying flipping motorbikes show…….

And I haven’t even mentioned the live music shows…..

That’s enough of that! Way too loud. Hmmm, I must be getting old.

Yes, there’s more to the Ekka than lolly bags and fairground rides. So did we go again this year?

No, we decided to give it a miss. But this bloke went though, taking a magical journey through the Brisbane night to get there. And he does get there in the end…..

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