At Last, the Weather Breaks in Brisbane!

You heard it first, here on BobinOz. Unless you heard it somewhere else before.

I mentioned only two weeks ago about the westerlies arriving early and, aided and abetted by my Aussie mate, predicted a swift end to winter. The date today is Friday, 30 July and as such we are still in the middle of winter, with the Australian winter season being June to August. But you already know that from my post about Australia’s four seasons.

Over in England, it’s the middle of summer and as I understand it, you’re having a scorcher! According to Google, today you’re set to hit 27°c…..

UK versus Australia weatherWeather supplied by Google.

But as you can see, here in Brisbane it’s not cold either at 24°c, but it is cloudy with some rain.

Sorry Google, but this time you got it wrong! This is my thermometer which is outside in the shade, but positioned so I can see it indoors from my office window….

Temperature gauge

Hopefully you can see that the mercury is at a tad over 26°C and this photograph was taken today at around 2:30 PM. And was it cloudy or raining? Here’s a picture of the sky taken from the front of my house at around the same time…

An Australian winter sky

Not bad eh? There is every chance that winter here is over almost before it began. But when I say here, I do mean Brisbane and not Australia. Just to put the record straight, here are the maximum temperature predictions for tomorrow around Australia.

  • Darwin 33°C
  • Brisbane 27°C
  • Sydney 20°C
  • Canberra 13°C
  • Melbourne 15°C
  • Hobart 15°C
  • Adelaide 16°C
  • Perth 19°C

If you don’t like “cold” winters, choose where you live in Australia carefully. Anyway, I didn’t want to blog about the weather today, I wanted to blog about this…….

It’s like going back 20 years!

I’ve mentioned often around this blog but I think it even more regularly as I live in Australia. It’s like going back 20 years! Of course, I’m comparing it to my old life in the UK.

But when I went to Stradbroke Island back in April it was like going back 20 years as compared to living on Australia’s mainland. I was reminded of that when we went whale watching the other month.

I have also mentioned often that free barbecue areas are almost everywhere around Australia. But on Stradbroke I found one that looked at least 20 years older than anything else I’d seen…

An old barbeque…..and nearby, the unmistakable evidence of……

Kangaroo poo

Yes, it is Kangaroo poo! But where were all the kangaroos? Apparently, they’ve been tied down….

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  • BobinOz August 2, 2010, 11:58 pm |


    Too lazy! TOO LAZY!

    Come on Ida, put some effort in! You’ll probably find all the answers you need over at my about me page. If you let me know your phone number, I’ll call you and read it to you 8)

  • BobinOz August 2, 2010, 11:53 pm |


    Well I took my life into my own hands and risked my cash by having a barbecue over at Anstead Bushland’s Park on Sunday. No sign of Bunyip’s or thugs with crowbars. Just clear blue skies, fresh air and of course, the free barbecue facilities.

    But then I am in Queensland. But I was a little nervous this time, having read your comment. So we took our dog with us, Baggy. He can smell a Bunyip from about 700 m. But thanks for the warning! As they say, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

    As for Google’s weather mess up, now that you’ve pointed it out, it’s a glaring error by the big G. For all their computer wizardry, seems somebody simply types in those numbers. They’ve probably already been sacked!

  • Ida Australia + Sweden August 1, 2010, 11:36 pm |

    Just got a question : What made you move to Australia? I can probably find it here somewhere in your blog but right now im just to lazy. We’re living in Sweden now but planning on moving back to my partners homecountry Australia in the future. Your page is helping me a lot, thanks!

  • JOHN WILKES July 31, 2010, 7:03 pm |

    Bob , I forgot to agree with you when you said Google got it wrong ; they sure did . You see, they got it more wrong than even you thought. The London overnight lows for Fri. and Sat. should read 18c and 16c but then what’s in a ‘1’ , nothing , unless it’s at the begining.

  • JOHN WILKES July 31, 2010, 5:53 am |

    Bob, I’d like to tell you a short story about free barbecues. Whenever there was a busy holiday week-end , the mythical Bunyip would creep out from the his lair after dark in search of his prey….. the public BBQ. After finding a suitable unguarded example he would attack it with such ferocity that , even a tough Aussie example , would spew out cash and the Bunjip would make a clean get-away, never to reappear until the next public holiday. ‘Cobblers’ I hear you say and quite right. The real culpits were thieving b…tards with crow bars and that is why ‘Barbies’ are free ( at least in N.S.W. and Victoria )

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