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Yes, it was a busy weekend.


We continue to be impressed with the standard of education over at our local school. Elizabeth’s reading skills are coming along just great; she now reads her bedtime story to us! On Friday she was promoted to “red books” which are for grade 2, although she is only in grade 1.

Daddy is very proud.


Friday was also sports day at the school. Elizabeth did okay at the “high” jump….

high jump…..but she did even better in the sprint race. She came first in her qualifying group, which she was absolutely chuffed about. As she said, “Last year I came 10th, daddy, and earned one point for my team. But this year I got five points!”

She didn’t win the final, but daddy is still very proud. Elizabeth is pretty pleased with her ribbon too.First Place

Leaving Do.

Those of you who are signed up to my newsletter will already know that on Friday evening I was off to the pub. Off on a highly unusual event. Some friends of ours are returning to England. Returning to England!

In fairness to them, it was always part of their plan. They came from Birmingham to Brisbane about two years ago knowing full well that they would return back to the UK after this trial period.

So, having sampled Australian life for a couple of years they are going back to see what they make of England again. They have already secured their Australian permanent residency so they are free to return if things don’t work out.

Will they come back to Oz? They’re not saying, I honestly don’t think they know. But here’s a clue; they’ve left all of their furniture here in storage.

We’re having a sweepstake here on when they return. My guess is February next year. UK February’s can be so cold!

But what about the night out? We had a great time; there were 12 of us in the group. But I have to say, the first place we went to which was in The Barracks, a kind of trendy precinct at the end of Caxton Street in Brisbane, was very expensive.

One glass of house red and a 500 mL bottle of beer; $21. Kerching!!! As one of the returning Midlanders noted “That’s an all drunknight lock in back in Brum at the working man’s club!”

Then, almost at the end of the evening, we went to a different pub. This one was in Caxton Street. One glass of house red and a 375 mL can of beer; $10! Hmmm, perhaps we should have moved to that pub a little earlier in the evening.

We got the last bus back, it left the city at 12:15 and we were home by 1 AM in the morning. The bus was full, not a hint of trouble, no shouting and no nonsense whatsoever. Just people chatting.

There are probably at least six or seven drinking holes around Caxton Street and quite a few eateries. No sign of trouble anywhere from anyone there either. Just lots of people having fun.

Birthday Party.

Saturday was Elizabeth’s best friend’s birthday party. Emma was seven. She had a disco around her house and a great time was had by all. Again, not a hint of trouble…… well, somebody sat on a balloon.

Saturday was also the night of the “big game” that every red blooded Australian was watching. It was the Tri Nations rugby match between Australia and South Africa.

Christmas in July.

Then it was Sunday. Sunday 25th July.

I told you all about Christmas in July last year, so no need to repeat myself regarding why we do it. But this was our second Christmas in July and we are really beginning to enjoy them. You get a slap up meal, just like a real UK Christmas…..

Christmas in July….. with all the trimmings, Brussel sprouts, parsnips, carrots, chipolatas on sticks, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puds and of course, roast turkey. But unlike the real Christmas, you don’t have to spend ages buying presents, wrapping presents, sending out cards and generally panicking.

It’s a really relaxed affair and a lot of fun.

The Traditional Christmas Snooze

The Traditional Christmas Snooze

Oh, and that BIG game? I guess you all want to know who won it. Hold on…..

Yep, just Googled it. Australia won 30 – 13. I never saw it.

You see, I’m not quite a red-blooded Australian yet.

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  • BobinOz August 10, 2010, 12:35 am |

    Now that’s a game I should have missed, Germany v England in the World Cup! Unfortunately, I saw it. Moving on…..

    I think my friends came over on a sponsored work visa. Stay the course for two years and then I think securing permanent residency is a possibility for many people, it certainly worked for them.

  • Tobey August 8, 2010, 7:36 pm |

    How can you miss the “big game”?
    So sad i cant even watch small games from germany!

    How did your friends already secured their Australian permanent residency?

  • BobinOz August 6, 2010, 11:46 pm |

    I’m hooked on State of Origin though, not missed one for two whole years. So I’m getting there…

  • Moving to Australia August 6, 2010, 11:23 pm |

    Sounds like a truly adapted immigrant. Maybe not truly red blooded since you did not actually watch the game.

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