The Parking Space Trick and Other Parking Stuff

A very wise man, back in the UK, once told me the secret to finding a parking space. Let’s call it the parking space trick.

The Parking Space Trick.

Location: England.

We have all been in this situation before. You want to pop into your local busy town to do some quick shopping. You are, of course, in a hurry. You can park in the pay and display car park but that just adds extra time to your task. It’s not as near to the shops you want to visit, you have to walk over to the pay and display ticket machine and you have to return to your car to display the ticket. Not good.

But in your town there are some limited free parking spaces right there on the main road. But they are always taken. If you were lucky, you could get one of those places. If you were really lucky, you could get one of the places right outside the main shop you want to go into, Woolworths.

Sorry, hold on a minute! My technical adviser is coming through on my headset…..

“What! Really? Woolworths have gone out of business! But they’ve been on the high street for 100 years!! The recession is that bad then is it? Wow! Who’s there now? It’s boarded up! Crikey!”

Sorry about that, apparently Woolworths no longer exists. Now, where were we?

So, if you were really lucky, you could get one of the places right outside the main shop you want to go into, but don’t bother with Woolworths.

Here is the trick. Before you leave home, take a couple of minutes to fully visualise a parking space materialising. Be very specific here. You want to see in your minds eye a car indicating to pull out of the exact parking space you prefer just as you are approaching it. Feel happy about it.

I have used this technique many times. It’s astonishing but, it works! You should try it.

But now I live in Australia, I don’t need the trick. You can have it. Parking just isn’t a problem here. Well, it can be……….

Rather Extreme: Car Parked in Oxley, a Brisbane Suburb, on Sunday

Rather Extreme: Car Parked in Oxley, a Brisbane Suburb, on Sunday

In Australia, if you keep your eyes open, (always important when driving) there’s plenty of parking and it’s mostly, in fact nearly all, FREE!

I have only come across a few exclusions. City centres, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, all difficult to park in and all quite expensive. Not London expensive, but about $40 – $50 a day. But in pretty much all the smaller towns and cities, parking is free. It may be restricted, say maximum 2 hours stay. But, for example, Toowoomba, Australia’s 18th largest city, parking was free. Slap bang in the middle of the main drag.

Some beaches have paid parking. I seem to remember paying at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast. About 60c for two hours. But even then, only in the prime locations, free parking was still nearby. 99% (yes, guesswork) is free.

Surfers Paradise has meters. Surfer’s is one of the top tourist beaches in Australia. Parking meters were introduced in 1964. Worried about the effect on tourism, in 1965 they introduced Meter Maids. These were bikini clad beauties who would stroll around feeding expiring meters with 20c so no-one got fined. They are still there today and are a huge tourist attraction. How cool is that?

And I give you a picture of a car on a roundabout? OK, OK, I’ll take a picture of them next time I’m in Surfers. Can’t wait? Just Google “meter maids surfers paradise”. Latest: I have now taken some pictures and put them in a new post. Click on Meter Maids to see the update.

Parking in Australia. One less headache.

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