Another Queensland Bank Holiday Monday!

It all started 10 weeks ago with Easter Monday. Three weeks after that, we had Anzac Day. Quick on its heels, just one week later, it was Labour Day. Now today is another bank holiday Monday, the fourth in ten weeks.

This time, we’re celebrating the Queens birthday. This is how she was 56 years ago when she visited us in Queensland. HRH can be seen here with the Premier of Queensland at the time, the Hon. Vincent Clair Gair, at a Parliamentary Reception in Brisbane in March 1954.

Queen Elizabeth II in Brisbane, Australia, 1954
Picture courtesy of the State Library of Queensland, Australia

I’m not sure how old she is today, or even if today is her actual birthday. After all, nobody has a birthday that ALWAYS falls on a Monday, do they? But somebody did suggest that Queen Elizabeth II is 84 years old.

Whatever, I raise my glass (well, tinnie) to you ma’am as I kick back and relax today, along with everyone else in Australia except those who live in Western Australia who had last Monday off for Foundation Day but that’s another story.


Back Wednesday.

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