10 Out Of 10 for Our Homework

Some of you may recall that some time ago I invited the Queensland Fire Brigade (not all of them) round to my house so they could assess fire safety in my home. The visit was certainly very informative and I received some great advice on how to protect our home from fire and what to do in case there ever were one.

You can read all about my Home Fire Safety Visit here.

As a result of their visit I found myself heading for Bunnings, the big DIY shed here in Australia to purchase some extra safety equipment. Yesterday, when Elizabeth came home from school with her homework, those purchases earned us some big extra points as we completed the task together.

Elizabeth had brought home a two sided colour brochure; the first side looked like this…..

Fire Safety Brochure

You probably can’t read it clearly, but on the right hand side there are six tick boxes and we were able to tick each and every box with ease. We were asked if in our house we:

  • Had working smoke alarms. (Yes, we got 10)
  • Know of two ways to escape. (Uh huh, 5 actually)
  • Know the emergency number to telephone. (Easy, 000)
  • Have a fire blanket. (Yes, ten bucks from Bunnings)
  • Have a fire extinguisher (Yes, $25 from Bunnings)
  • Act safely around fire. (Well, we weren’t going to stop ticking now, were we?)

And if I wasn’t feeling smug enough after that, on the other side…..

Fire Safety Brochure Page 2

…..we were asked if we had a garden hose that reaches all parts of our house. No, not exactly. But we’ve got three garden hoses strategically placed that’ll cover everything.

Double smug!

When Elizabeth got in from school today I asked her if she had come top for her homework. Apparently, it doesn’t work like that.

But on a serious note, the Fire Brigade gave the children some great advice, including an action plan for the them to follow if they needed to escape from a fire:

  1. Don’t hide, scream and shout.
  2. Get down low and go, go, go!
  3. Get out and stay out!!
  4. Stop, drop and roll….

Elizabeth gave me an example of stop, drop and roll, it’s just like doing roly-poly except on a flat surface. And the firemen or “firies” as we call them here, also let the kids spray water from the fire engines hose.

A fun visit with a serious message. Well played firies! Turns out they have a whole website dedicated to raising childrens awareness to the emergency services.

It’s call Triple Zero and it’s got games! Check it out.

The telecoms saga continues.

If any of you read my epic post about Telstra, well done! I am now in my eleventh day without an Internet connection and I have enough material for further 16 chapters. But as I fell asleep proof reading the first 13 chapters in the saga, I might just not bother.

For those of you who did read that first epic post, that’s undoubtedly a huge relief.

Recipes required for cork hat.

A while ago I rather foolishly stated that if Bobby Andonov does not win Australia’s Got Talent then I’d eat my hat with all the corks. On Tuesday he was in the finals but unfortunately he chose to sing a really rubbishy Christina Aguilera song called Fighter.

The kid was brilliant at ballads, Hallelujah and the Kanye West thing were fantastic. But this pop rock baloney did him no favours at all. If Bobby has a manager I have some advice.


The results will be announced next Tuesday and I’m scared, I’ve never eaten a cork in my life. And my hat’s got EIGHT of them! Bobby may still win it, although I suspect the dazzling dance team called Justice Crew might just win it. But I have been impressed with the illusionists……

How do they do that? Perhaps they can help me eat my corked hat?

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  • BobinOz July 12, 2010, 6:03 pm |

    I agree Elsie and that’s why I thought it was great that the fire brigade go and teach the kids. As for us adults, if nothing else, we should all make sure we have smoke alarms, that work, around the house.

  • Elsie July 12, 2010, 10:45 am |

    When it comes to fire safety I don’t think we get enough training. Fire is such a strong adversary that most people are often defeated, left only with nothing but painful memories. Knowledge and preparation is one’s most effective weapons against fires. Elsie

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