Bad Day For Surfing at Lennox Head

If you journey south from Brisbane, taking the coastal route, you’ll go past Surfers Paradise after about an hour and a quarter on the road. Keep going and after about two and a half hours you’d be at Byron Bay.

Well, just a wee tad past there is a small seaside town called Lennox Head. I’ve never visited Lennox Head but Lennox Head certainly had a visitor just under a week ago, early in the morning on Thursday 3rd of June.

Given how much I bang on about the weather here in Australia, it would be remiss of me not to inform you of this……

What I do find strange though, is how surprised everyone seems to be about this tornado strike. But as I pointed out in an earlier post about Australian tornadoes, we do get them quite often and at any time of the year.

Yes, it was a bad day for surfing at Lennox Head, but incredibly, nobody was seriously hurt.

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