A Typical Australian Mothers Day Treat

Yesterday, Sunday, May 9, was Mother’s Day here in Australia. Apparently, a typical mums day treat is to take her to the park and cook for her on one of the many available free barbecue facilities.

There is no shortage of these parks in Australia, well certainly not around Brisbane where I live. But whilst there are plenty of parks, there are even more mothers, so if you want to secure a barbecue you’d better get there early. Which is exactly what we did.

We got there on Saturday!

So, where did we go? Well, we could have gone to Anstead Bushlands, a regular barbecue venue for us which is just five minutes drive away. Or we could have gone to Lions Park 5 minutes drive the other way.

But we decided to hit the road for fully 12 minutes and go all the way to Colleges Crossing for a slightly more scenic location. Some of our party cooked…….

cooking on the BarbequeSome played by the river and fed the ducks……..

Feeding the ducksAnd some of us (me) just took photos…….

The Brisbane RiverBut when the food was ready, we all ate……..

BrunchAnd nobody got eaten by a shark…..

Shark warning sign

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