And You Thought British Telecom Were Funny.

Telstra: Keeping you connected.

I am having some work done around my house, which involves building a new wall. The man with the digger turned up at 7:30 AM the other week, and by 7:35 AM he had already severed my telephone and Internet connection cable.

By 7:45 AM, he was gone. “Sorry! Can’t do any more here today.”

Neither could we really, as most of our work involves Internet and telephone use. Oh well. In fairness, his boss dealt directly with Telstra who are Australia’s equivalent of British Telecom. I have mentioned Telstra before when I did my post about how to reduce your Australian telephone bill. Anyway, Telstra promised to be round that afternoon to fix the connection, but didn’t quite make it.

But they did show up first thing the next morning to carry out a temporary repair and promised to return the following Friday to complete a permanent underground connection so the builders could continue with the wall.

Well, they didn’t quite show up when they said they would, but my permanent connection was completed about 10 days later. So I’m not going to overly criticise them on their speed of response because, by and large, they were pretty fast. At least I was reconnected within 24 hours of the original incident. But what about this……

The permanent connection.

Cable runs through the conduit which goes underground and pops up right next to a second run of conduit which enters into my house. The two are close together and this had my Telstra engineer taking in sharp intakes of breath trying to figure out how he would do it. Here are the two exposed ends of the conduit……

conduitThe red arrowed line shows you how, in an ideal world, the cable would flow from one piece of tubing into the other. Here’s how he fixed it…..

connectionHere’s a close-up of that wiring, protected by what looks like the corner of a plastic bag………

wiringRemember, this is the permanent solution. That’s how he left it and he was gone without saying goodbye or, more importantly, giving me the chance to see the quality of his work.

So I mentioned this shoddy connection to somebody else who really wasn’t surprised. They had a similar problem with an underground connection getting broken and Telstra reconnected them “permanently” by taping cable to the branch of a tree.

They decided to complain to Telstra but tell me it took months and months to resolve it. And we know what that means don’t we? “Your call is held in a queue, your call is important to us, please be patient, we will answer you shortly, you are moving up the queue.” Followed by the sound of ‘Europe’ playing their only hit ‘The Final Countdown ‘.

So I had to decide whether I had months and months to spare and whether I could stomach hearing that song again. I decided I couldn’t. So I tucked the wires behind the conduit……

wiringPut a CD box cover over the top……….

coverAnd decorated it with a fancy stone………

job doneJob done!

Yes, I’ve often said that moving to Australia is like going back 20 years in time, and I love it. Hmmm!

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