Why I Never Took to Train Spotting

North Stradbroke Island: Day 3

I have often thought of myself as possibly the least observant person in the world. I never had the urge to take up train spotting, but if I had, I imagine I may have gone down as one of the only spotters to not notice a train go by.

Which brings me to our third and final day at North Stradbroke Island. Yes, we were only on the island for three days, but each of those days we got to see some rare wildlife.

If you haven’t yet watched the video from day one, check it out now to see the wild kangaroos.

Then on the video from day two, you will have seen that cute koala bear having a scratch before going back to sleep in the tree by Brown Lake. If you’ve not seen it, watch the koala video here.

In today’s video we move away from cute, furry and cuddly and we are watching the waves for more wonderful wildlife. Find out what we saw…..

For those of you disappointed to miss out on those dolphins (like me), check out this video footage shot about three years ago from exactly the same point……..

And that is the end of “Straddie” week here on BobinOz. From where you are, three videos about our weekend there may have seemed a little over the top. But the point is, and we do this regularly, that a weekend break can seem like a real holiday. Not just in Stradbroke, but many places in Australia.

But Stradbroke was special, it was like getting a glimpse of how Australia would have been 50 or so years ago. No traffic lights, almost no shops, a mix of tarmac and dust track, plenty of natural wildlife all around, empty beaches, a sparse population, just a few spread out houses and no Foxtel digital TV with live coverage of almost all Premier League football matches.

Here’s to progress!

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  • Colin Andrews January 24, 2016, 1:31 pm |

    Hi Rob,
    Just watched your videos of Straddie and noticed in the text you saw a “koala bear”. No such animal, koalas are marsupials not bears. The use of bear after koala is a hang over from World War 2, when American troops based in Australia thought Koalas were small bears. (I believe this has evolved into the drop bears that Aussies warn Americans about to scare them). Loved your videos and your blog. We had some English visitors over Christmas. On returning home one in particular is thinking of applying for a working visa to live here for a while. I will recommend your blog to her.

    • BobinOz January 26, 2016, 12:34 am |

      Hi Colin

      Yes, forgive me for my sins.

      I blame my dad, he was in that war, I’ll bet it was him that told me they were koala bears 🙂

      I have had this pointed out to me before, and I can assure you that I no longer refer to them as ‘koala bears’, but I certainly did the first few years I was here. I’m better now, honest. Thanks for pointing it out though, and for recommending my blog, I appreciate it.

  • BobinOz August 16, 2010, 8:11 pm |

    Good to hear from you again, long time since that beer, we must be due another one. I’ll shoot you an email.

    Yes, Stradbroke special, it’s like a different world.

  • North Stradbroke August 14, 2010, 3:09 pm |

    Mate, long time no see (beers @ The Platform Bar). The blog is looking great! Straddie is just an awesome place, isn’t it!

    Drop me a line when you get a chance and we’ll catch up again.

  • BobinOz April 24, 2010, 9:12 pm |

    Hey Steve, yes it was really a quite magical weekend, way better than I could have imagined. I want to do Moreton Island next, to compare the two. It sure ain’t work tho’! But I know what you mean. Thanks.

  • Steve Povey April 23, 2010, 7:35 pm |

    Hi Bob, just watched your you-tube videos. The place looks amazing! Certainly looks like you had a good time. Keep up the good work!

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