Birthdays, Ride Carnivals and Remote Islands.

So it’s Friday evening and it’s already dark here, although it’s only just gone six o’clock. But we are in autumn.

I’ve got a busy evening ahead, in fact a busy weekend. I have often mentioned how there are usually quite a few local events to choose from and this weekend is no exception.

Firstly, the University of Queensland is celebrating its first 100 years and putting on a bit of an event. They are saying “Come along to UQ’s Centenary Celebration Day where the entire family can enjoy live entertainment, sport and fitness demonstrations, a series of talks on global change and positive aging, art exhibitions, movie screenings and much more.”

Also this weekend, the city of Ipswich, just 20 minutes drive from here, are celebrating their 150th birthday. So Ipswich are holding a “Global Fiesta”. Here’s what they say about that; “Global Fiesta is focused on bringing together people from all cultures to learn about and celebrate cultural differences, and promote a sense of respect and belonging to the Ipswich community. Global Fiesta 2010 will be an extravaganza of cultural performers, family fun, international food, arts and craft stalls, workshops, and entertaining acts to enjoy.”

And right now, I’m off up the road to my daughter’s school where they are having in this year’s “Rides Carnival”. So I’ll be back in about an hour or so with some pictures and I’ll tell you what happened there.

One Hour Later.

Ahh, that was fun…….

Moggill Rides CarnivalI tell you what it reminded me of…….. last years Moggill Fete. Probably because they are more or less the same thing, but apparently the fete takes place every two years and is a much bigger event with many more stalls and the Rides Carnival takes place each year when the Moggill fete doesn’t.

From where I was standing, the Rides Carnival was every bit as busy. I think the school has about 600 pupils, they must’ve all been there with their parents. It was packed!

I did mention it was dark, didn’t I?

Scary Tower

Elizabeth on the scary tower ride. Wave

So that’s one of this weekend’s events reported and out of the way, you’ll probably be thinking that on Monday I’ll tell you all about those other two oldies birthdays. But I won’t be. Because with impeccable bad timing, for the first time since my arrival here in November 2007, I’m leaving Australia’s mainland and heading off.

“Where to Bob?”

There’ll be no mobile phones where I’m going! No Internet connections either. Think Island. Think sand. Think sea. Think bushland walks. Think peace and quiet. Think remote. So that’s what I’ll be telling you all about on Monday.

Anyway, must go, I need to pack. Told you I have a busy evening.

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  • BobinOz April 19, 2010, 9:37 pm |

    Sorry John, not Fraser. But I will go there one day. If you’re quick, there’s a photo clue on todays post, perhaps you’ll get it from that.

  • JOHN WILKES April 18, 2010, 1:57 am |

    Trust you enjoyed Fraser Island …….It’s brilliant.

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