An Awesome Easter Weekend in South East Queensland

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we have had a very busy weekend. Action packed! So what did we do? Well, Good Friday was our quietest day but we still managed to have our favourite Australian family round for a barbecue.

All the (four) children play great together, us four adults get on pretty good too, you know, not too many tantrums, and sitting outside drinking tinnies and eating steak is always fun.

Then we were up early on Saturday and off we went to the Sunshine Coast, starting at Mooloolaba. Well I’m sure you’ve seen enough photos of Mooloolaba, but we pushed on from there and went to Maroochydore.

Here, people were having fun aplenty. Some were simply playing in the play area, some were fishing, some were barbecuing or swimming and others were just chilling out.

Play Area on Maroochy RiverIn the background you can see the Maroochy River, but here we are actually on a small island on that river. Here’s the bridge that goes to that little island…..

jumping in the riverAs you can probably see, a couple of young lads were jumping off the bridge. Except at the end of their “ready, steady, go!” – only one of the boys jumped and the other remained clinging to the bridge. Hehe!

The fellow who jumped had the most fun though.

Here’s a better view of that bridge (taken earlier) and you can even see one of those boys sitting on the bridge, post-jump…….

Maroochy River Bridge…then we jumped, but only back into our cars as we headed off up to the hinterland. Further…..

Sunshine Coast Hinterland…further…..

Higher Sunshine Coast Hinterlandand even further…

Montville: Sunshine Coast Hinterland…..into the hills until we got to Montville. Montville is a very touristy little town with touristy shops selling all things touristy. The blokes there have bored faces, until they see those stunning hillside views. We didn’t stay long and after just one touristy purchase we were on our way back towards Brisbane. We stopped by at the Glasshouse Mountains lookout.

Glass House MountainsOn Sunday morning, we kicked off early again to go on our traditional Easter egg hunt.

Egg HuntWith all eggs successfully hunted down, we went off to the city and headed for South Bank Parklands and ended the weekend as we’d started it. With a barbecue.

Barbecue area, South Bank ParklandsWhy so busy? Well, we had visitors? Yes, a couple of our old friends from back in England met all four criteria as laid out in my post “Goodbye Sam, Goodbye Samantha” and were popping by for a quick catch up. So we thought we’d show them around.

We spared them the egg hunt; if I’d travelled 11,000 miles I don’t think I’d want to spend some of it looking for chocolate in somebody else’s back garden! So we stuck the sat nav on their rental car and pointed it to The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. They hadn’t seen any kangaroos or koalas.

They have now!

They? How rude of me! Our visitors were Tony and Paula and their two girls. I used to play football with Tony a couple of times a week when I lived in England and I imagine I have known him for 20 odd years.

They arrived at the airport Saturday morning and we met them there before heading straight off on our mini tour. By Monday morning they were gone. But they weren’t just visiting us, they’d already been to Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney before coming to Brisbane.

They are currently doing New Zealand with Hong Kong to follow before heading back to home. Very nice.

It was great to see them again and although they were only here for such a short time, I think they’ve got a pretty good idea of why we moved here. I think they were quite taken by the stunning views and the laid-back lifestyle here. “Awesome” I think was the word they used at times.

Of course, we’ve seen it all before. But we still think it’s “awesome” too.

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