Queensland Ahead of the Game.

Just when I thought it was safe to start blogging about life in Australia again, with all the weather issues behind us, this happens! Before I explain what “this” is, there is an old joke when you fly from Sydney to Brisbane airport.

If you remember from my post about time zones in Australia, Sydney is one hour ahead of Brisbane during the summer time. So the joke goes like this; as the aeroplane prepares to land at Brisbane Airport the captain announces “we are now preparing to land at Brisbane Domestic Airport in Queensland. Please remember to put your watches back by one hour and 15 years.”

The inference is, of course, is that Queensland is behind the times. Well, for once Queensland was first for “this”. What is it?


Previously I have mentioned that parts of Queensland were experiencing their heaviest rainfalls for 100 years. And then on 17 February this year, I showed you video footage of cars knee, or should I say wheel arch deep in water when Brisbane City flooded.

A little bit behind the times but, good effort, just 19 days later on 8 March Melbourne had an amazing flash flood right in the centre of their city; again I showed you amazing video footage of more sinking cars.

Finally, Perth has caught up. Here’s some more incredible footage…….

Perth may be late to the party, but I think they have trumped us all with this spectacular downfall. There were literally hailstones the size of golf balls. Cars were damaged, windows were smashed, trees were toppled and houses were damaged. It was the worst storm to hit Perth in 50 years.

Well, it must have been bad because it was even reported on 7news here in Queensland. They never mention Perth! It’s like Perth is in a different universe as far as Queensland’s 7news is concerned.

But I first heard about this event over at another Aussie bloggers website, written by Rachel Henwood. As I read what Rachel had to say about Perth’s storm, the big difference between Australia and the UK’s rainfall was made even more glaringly obvious than it already is.

In England, its drizzle, drizzle, drizzle, rain, cloudy, and sometimes a little sunshine. Here in Australia it really is still mainly hot, sunny with clear blue skies. But here in Australia, when it rains it tends to save it all up in buckets and then deliver fast.

Apparently, in Perth, it had been 40°C and not rained a drop since last November! Then on Monday, they got the lot.

I’ve just checked to see what the weather is in Perth for today. It’s sunny again.

But do I want my UK weather back? Not on your nellie!

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