Australia: Far Too Dangerous and Way Too Livable

I feel such a fool. All the effort I have put into my category Australia’s Bad Things, with 46 post so far and probably more than 30,000 words and now I discover how I could have covered it all so much quicker.

A couple of comedians managed to condense it into just over a minute! On video. And they’ve done a good job, covering many of my selected bad things. Strangely, they missed off the flexi pipe, last week’s bad thing entry.

Obviously they decided not to include inanimate objects or perhaps they didn’t get their bedrooms needlessly flooded for no good reason like I did. A specialist building company came round to look at the water damaged sink unit in the ensuite today. All they do is repair these things and he tells me he gets about five flexi hose ruptures a week come in.

So the flexi really is an Australian bad thing.

Anyway, I present to you an Australian bad things round up, courtesy of Scared Little Weird Guys……

So, Australia is clearly a very dangerous place to live in indeed. No wonder the population is so low, humans must get picked off every day. The country is almost unlivable.

Or is it?

The new Economist Intelligence Unit’s Liveability Survey has just been released. I published the results of last year’s survey in a post called And the Best City Ever to Live in Is….

This year’s results are not too dissimilar, but here are the movers and shakers…..

  • Melbourne still third best city in the world.
  • Sydney is 7th, up from joint ninth last year.
  • Perth is now joint eighth, down from fifth last year.
  • Adelaide is also now eighth, up from 11th last year.
  • Brisbane has tumbled down to 21st, from last year’s 16th position.

So, Australia is quite a liveable place in spite of what you might hear. Perhaps those scary bad things aren’t so scary and bad after all. My first ever snake encounter last week wasn’t scary. In fact that little Eastern Brown was quite cute.

London, on the other hand, which can be quite a scary in certain places, is now 54th, down from 51st last year.

Puts it all into perspective, doesn’t it?

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