12 Days of Christmas? More like 12 Days of Rain!

There, that’s probably put a little smile on your face hasn’t it?

As I mentioned at the tail end of last year, we were going camping by the beaches of Noosa for three days over Christmas, starting on Boxing Day. The forecast was for rain, and lots of it! Well, here in Australia, unfortunately, the boys down at BOM, which is the Bureau of Meteorology, were spot on.

People around here are starting to build Arks!

A place called Coonamble, a central western NSW town, received 263.8mm of rain between Christmas and January 4th and floodwaters along the Castlereagh River were expected to peak overnight at 5.5m, almost as high as it was back in 1971 during the big floods.

If the temperature could have managed to drop by about 32°C, I’m sure we would have had a white Christmas. How unlucky was that?

For the three days we were away, we were told it hardly stopped raining back where we live in the western suburbs of Brisbane. So how did we fare with our camping?

Well, we had one massive downpour during the night on our second day there which completely took my gazebo out of the game. This is how it looked before I went to bed that night.

Our gazebo

Our gazebo before the rain

But by 6.30 in the morning, it was a mangled, scrunched up mess! I wish I had thought to take a photograph for you, but at that time in the morning me and thinking just doesn’t happen. So the gazebo, which hadn’t simply fallen over, we’re talking twisted metal poles here, was binned.

But we can’t complain, the tents held out fine.

We’ve also had some rain later during the day, but it didn’t stop people enjoying the beach. I know it is difficult to tell, but I can assure you it is raining quite heavily during this photograph……

rainy beach

Rainy Beach

But as I believe I’ve mentioned before on this blog, Australians deal with rain differently. Nobody ever runs to get out of rain, nobody too much cares about the rain. Most regard rain as something wonderful that eventually comes out of the tap as drinking water. Which is nice.

So, the rain didn’t spoil our three days of camping, we still had a great time. We are hooked on camping. But we’d better get used to this wet stuff. The storm of season has only just begun and the rumour is we are in for some biggies this year. Perhaps even three or four cyclones in Queensland alone.

Batten down the hatches!

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