England Versus Australia at Christmas Traditions

As you know, our weekend began with horse racing on Saturday, but how did it end?

Allow me to tell you.

On Saturday evening, we put up our Christmas decorations. Our idea of Christmas decorations is probably a little more conservative than most people’s idea. We have, for many years, simply put up a Christmas tree with lights and decorations along with some other table top ornaments.

And that’s it!

So 90% of our Christmas decorations can be captured in this one image……

Our modest tree

Our modest tree

But other people around these parts can tend to go a little crazy with their decorations, more about that later in the week. But for now, here are some of the main difference is I have found between Christmas in England and Christmas in Australia.

The Heat.

Without a doubt, this is the biggest difference! Some people who emigrate to Australia never get used to hot Christmases, I think I already have. Let’s face it, it never really snows at Christmas in England, it’s usually just cold and damp. In Australia, its beach weather! Christmas cards here depict Santa drinking a cold tinnie sitting in a deck chair! And thousands of Australians do go to the beach on Christmas Day.

Christmas Dinner.

Apparently, they used to go along with the traditional turkey roast until at some point the “chefs” realised slaving over a hot oven in 40° heat isn’t a lot of fun. Eating a full roast in that kind of heat isn’t a barrel of laughs either. So these days it’s more common to have cold meats and salads for Christmas dinner.

For a proper traditional Christmas dinner, Aussies invented Christmas in July.

Christmas Decorations.

This was a big surprise to me. In Australia it is traditional to put your Christmas decorations up on the first of December. The first of December! As I have already said, our decorations went up on Sunday, which was the 13th. That’s plenty early enough for us. And we will probably continue to put our Christmas decorations up about two weeks before Christmas, so this is one Aussie tradition we will not be following. At least until Elizabeth tells us differently.

Christmas Trees.

Back in the UK, we always used to buy a real Christmas tree. If memory serves, I used to pay around £30 for a 7 foot tree and it seemed they were for sale on every street corner. Here in Australia, real Christmas trees aren’t so readily available, the ones I’ve seen aren’t as nice and they are more expensive.

But if I am not mistaken, most of Britain’s Christmas trees are shipped in from neighbours Norway. Here, they are grown in Australia. But even if you buy directly from a “Christmas tree farm”, expect to pay around $100 for a seven footer. So we haven’t bought a real tree here yet, (Scrooge!), our 5 foot fake is okay with us for now.

Here’s the other 10% of our decorations…..

The rest of our decs

The rest of our decs

Not forgetting Mumty here who guards our front door…….

Mumty the Reindeer

Mumty the Reindeer

The final main difference is that Santa doesn’t exist in Australia and nobody gets any toys. Just kidding kids.

Ho Ho Ho!

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