And So This Is Christmas in Australia

But the weekend wasn’t all back breaking gardening work, I managed to squeeze in some fun too. That’s assuming that you will agree with me in saying the weekend starts at around five o’clock on a Friday afternoon.

Because that is when we set off for Brookfield. I have mentioned Brookfield before, because back in May I went to the Annual Brookfield Show. It turns out that’s not the only annual show they put on, because each year they put on a Christmas event.

So what happens at the Brookfield Christmas show? Let’s go in and take a look.

Well, first, and most important, somebody very special visits. I’ll tell you more about him later, but meanwhile here’s a clue: we missed him when we went into the city to see the turning on of the Christmas lights. More on “him” in a minute.
face painting
That aside, there were fairground rides, free face painting, a bar, various food stalls, a stage and some acts. I didn’t catch all of those acts, as I got dragged against my will to the bar. But I did hear the Salvation Army (Salvos) play and I saw the Morris dancers, well, dance!

The Morris Dancers

The Morris Dancers

They always wore white in England, I have no idea why they don’t here in Australia. Also, the badger didn’t look like a badger. But none of that is important because the star of the show was about to turn up in a……….. no, not  a sledge……… a fire engine!

This led to wild rumours that it wasn’t really “him” but just a firemen dressed up like him. But when he stood up on stage and spoke to the children, we knew for sure it was the real Santa!

The REAL Santa

The REAL Santa

The kids just loved it, they all got terribly excited and then the whole event was topped off with the firework display. Christmas songs played in the background starting off with John Lennon’s “And so This Is Christmas”, so even I had a small moment.

This was a nice, gentle, easygoing event that was all over by about 7:30pm ish. A thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours or so. Entry to this was free, which is pretty good considering the firework display they put on.

But if they could have just included a snowball fight………..

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