It’s Schoolies Week in Australia

I have mentioned in previous posts and also in my free ebook “20 Reasons Why YOU Should Move to Australia” (you have read that haven’t you? If not grab your free copy just to the right on this webpage) that teenagers here are nowhere near as out of control as they are back in the UK…. in my opinion.

Then I discover Schoolies Week!

Schoolies Week is an Australian nationwide tradition where year 12 school leavers, having completed their final exams, pack their essential items into a small bag, beer, drugs, (allegedly) money and beachwear before heading off for a week of fun at any one of these popular destinations:

  • Surfers Paradise
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Magnetic Island
  • Airlie Beach
  • Byron Bay
  • Victor Harbour
  • Phillip Island
  • Rottnest Island

And for the more adventurous/richer kids, Bali, Fiji and Vanuatu.

They then spend the entire week getting absolutely rotten! There are some official Schoolies events which are drug and alcohol free, not sure many people go to those though.

Harmless fun or orgy of violence?

Well, that depends who you talk to. The media make a very big thing of it and of course, people do like to complain. Schoolies week is seen as a rite to passage by some and an excuse for binge drinking, violence, sexual promiscuity and drug taking by others.

The most notorious Schoolies celebration took place on the Gold Coast in 2007 when 217 Schoolies were arrested during the week-long event. Interestingly a lot of the trouble can be started by “toolies” – these are non-Schoolies who go there simply looking for trouble.

So yes, there is trouble. Like this, so far this year:

  • Schoolies run riot in Q1, Surfers Paradise’s tallest residential building. Residents complained of 48 hours of bedlam.
  • $300,000 worth of ecstasy tablets and 85 g of cocaine were intercepted and seized from a car that may well have been on its way to the Gold Coast.
  • There were 30 arrests on the Gold Coast on Saturday night, three of them girls who were fighting each other.

Now, if you watched the video, you’ll know how well prepared the police are for this event, especially at Surfers Paradise. So how about this for one of the dumbest ever attempted robberies? I do hope this guy was high on drugs, because if he was straight and this was the best plan he could think of, then he has no right leaving school this week.

Police arrest alleged bag snatcher in Surfers Paradise

From the Courier Mail…..

“About 11.10pm yesterday a 17-year-old male grabbed an 18-year-old woman’s handbag as she left the Schoolies’ Hub on the Esplanade at Surfers Paradise.

She struggled with him and he allegedly punched her in the chin before running off with the bag.

The woman and several other witnesses then gave chase, along with a number of police officers.

The police soon caught the alleged thief and returned the bag to the victim.

He is expected to appear in the Southport Magistrates Court today.”


So that’s Schoolies week here in Australia, not without its criticism and certainly controversial, but it looks like it’s here to stay.

Let’s just hope it never catches on in England otherwise it will surely end in tears.

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