An Australian Weekend Break: Camping V2

As I mentioned on Friday, we wanted to do something “special” to celebrate our two year anniversary living in Australia. We decided to go camping at my wife’s favourite place, Mooloolaba.

Now, this was only our second camping trip but I really think I could get quite into this.

Like the last time, we gave Elizabeth the day off from school on Friday so we could leave at lunchtime. About an hour and three quarters later, we were at our destination. It was hot, so we had to crack open a can of beer each before Beninoz and I could pitch the tents.

Two beers later, we were all set up.

My new improved tent, thanks Kmart.

My new improved tent, thanks Kmart.

The campsite itself was in a great position, you could get to anywhere you wanted to by foot. This is totally opposite to our previous camping trip over at Mount Tamborine. That campsite really was in the middle of nowhere.

Fancy taking a short walk?

This campsite was a little more expensive than the last one, costing $40 per family per night. We had fish and chips out for our meal the first night, at around $30 per family and the second night we cooked some rather tasty steak on our portable barbecue which again cost around $30 per family.

Add to that the price of a case of beer and a few bottles of wine and you can see that it wasn’t an overly expensive weekend away. But what a fantastic time! The kids really love this camping lark and us adults are beginning to warm to it too.

We had no idea how relaxing this whole thing can be. As a weekend break, you just can’t beat it! Camping is hugely popular here in Australia and I am beginning to understand why. I think we’re all hooked on it. We will certainly be doing this more regularly.

It really is what life in Australia is all about.

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