Two Years of Living in Australia: The Official Anniversary.


Yesterday we celebrated two years since we left England. Tomorrow we will celebrate two years of living in Australia. Today, we are on our way to the destination of our second celebration.

We decided it would be nice to mark the anniversary by doing something special. But we thought it would be a little self indulgent if we threw a big party. Besides, it took about six hours to clear up after the Halloween bash!

So we decided to do something a little less messy. Remember this?


Or this?

sea off mooloolaba

Well, the first picture was taken from the campsite over at Mount Tamborine, our first ever camping trip. The second picture is of the sea somewhere off of the coast of Mooloolaba. We enjoyed camping and we love Mooloolaba. So to celebrate our second anniversary of living in Australia we are….

Going camping in Mooloolaba!

One of the real joys of living in a beautiful (and hot) country is that for minimal cost you can jump into the car, drive for an hour and a bit, pitch your tent and have a fantastic weekend break.

We’re going to give Elizabeth the day off of school, she’s got at least 11 years to catch up, and we’ll be heading up north at around 12 noon on Friday. We’ll be staying on the campsite, which is just a minute’s walk from the beach, on Friday and Saturday nights.

Again, we’ll be going with the Beninoz family so Elizabeth will have a couple of friends to play with and we’ll have a couple of adults to sit around the fire with in the evening. We’ve also got a brand new tent to test out after the tent poles snapped on the previous one. Our thanks to Kmart for their understanding.

And we’ll be back Sunday evening and I will tell you all about it on Monday.

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