Eating Out in Brisbane: We Go for a Chinese

You may recall we had a night out on the town barely 3 months ago when our daughter had her first sleep over since we came to live in Australia. On Saturday Elizabeth had sleepover number two, so we felt it was only right that we had night on the town number two.

We’d never been over to New Farm, which is probably no more than 10 minutes from the city centre, but we had heard it was quite trendy. So we went and it was. New Farm is also home to the Brisbane Powerhouse, an arts/music venue with plenty going on. It’s a quite amazing building, it looks like this from the front but….

Brisbane Powerhouse

Brisbane Powerhouse

…. round the back it overlooks the river……

Brisbane River

Brisbane River

My apologies for the pictures being a little dark, but I only had my wife’s mobile phone camera, so no flash. But if these images were a little lighter, you’d see young and trendy people scattered around below, drinking designer ales and chilled wines as they enjoy the setting sun. Whilst on the top floor, there was a wedding.

Inside the Powerhouse, a band was playing and although it was early evening, a crowd was already gathering. New farm is definitely for the younger set. So we left.

As we made our way back to the car, we walked along the riverside path which is also next to the very large New Farm Park, which had a healthy sprinkling of families out enjoying the early evening, picnicking, barbecuing and playing ball.

But we headed the two or 3 km towards the city and into Fortitude Valley, home of Chinatown, to grab an evening meal. Chinese of course!

A cheap night out?

As we were looking for a restaurant we somehow seemed to get sucked through the doorway of a pub. 1 pint of XXXX and a glass of red wine, $12.90.

Then another short walk and we had found our restaurant.

Now I am pretty sure that you’re not really interested to hear what Mrs BobinOz and I had for dinner, but you might be interested to know the price of a meal out in Brisbane. But that wouldn’t make sense without knowing “what” we ate. So here goes:

  • One mixed starter plate. (4 items)
  • Hunan beef chilli
  • Chicken curry
  • Spicy noodles with seafood
  • Boiled rice
  • Two beers and a glass of wine

Total cost: $57.60

So a cheap night out, until we got back to the car.

parking ticket

Our fault really, there were around 20 parking bays left and right on this particular street and I was “lucky” enough to find just one of them with a space. So I grabbed it. But when we read the sign it clearly said spaces were reserved for taxis only after 6 p.m.

But there wasn’t a cab in sight and cars were filling every space. So we stupidly thought “everybody else is parking here, why shouldn’t we?” Answer: because it will cost us $60!

Serves me right for going on about how fantastic Australia is for parking.

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