Cost of Living in Australia: The Price of Spirits.

In this, the final instalment in my trilogy covering the cost of living in Australia for alcohol, I am looking at the cost of spirits. Previously we have looked at beer and wine costs here in Australia and compared them with those in England.

So far, beer is more expensive here in Australia and wine is cheaper here than it is in the UK. So it’s a 1-1 draw so far; time for the decider.


Cost of Australian Sprits

Cost of Australian Sprits


Cost of UK Spirits

Cost of UK Spirits

The total cost of these shorts here in Australia is $236.57. In England they would have cost £103.96 which, when converted into AUD at the current exchange rate of 1.82 AUD to the pound is $189.20.

That means these spirits in the UK would have been cheaper by $47.37. So spirits in the UK are around 20% cheaper than they are here in Australia.

England wins!

That was pretty straightforward, for a change.

Free bonus.

For some people the idea of holding an alcoholic beverage in one hand and not having a cigarette in the other would be like fish with no chips. Or like bread with no butter. Or a toilet with no paper!

A few years ago, Mrs BobinOz and I became aware of a strong rumour that smoking kills, so we both gave it up. So allow me to be sanctimonious. For those of you who still do enjoy the occasional “cracker” as my Australian friend calls then, here is a bonus for you.

The Cost of Dying in Australia: Cigarettes

  • 20 cigarettes in England cost £5.85
  • 20 cigarettes in Australia cost $10.55

Who has the cheapest cigarettes? Who cares! It’s cheaper not to buy them.

For the smokers of you out there who are worried about any one of the Australian bad things, like sharks, snakes, spiders, crocodiles, box jellyfish, cone snails or stonefish, consider this:

Between them the above-mentioned scary beasts, on average, are responsible for less than five deaths a year. The sexy cigarette (thanks Humphrey) is responsible for around 15,000 deaths a year here in Australia.

Now that’s scary!

End of sanctimoniousness.

So that’s the cost of booze and ciggies covered, next week, crystal meth.

Just kidding!

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