The Biggest Spider I’ve Ever Seen in Australia

A very big spider

A very big spider

Some people have made certain events during the calendar year their own. For example, the Beninoz family have made Easter Sunday their own by hosting the egg hunt in their back garden each year.

One of my wife’s friends has chosen to hold a Christmas carol singing service each year just before Christmas. Bring your own of course!

Another has chosen to host a lunch each year on Melbourne Cup Day. What is the Melbourne Cup? I’ll tell you tomorrow, because tomorrow is Melbourne Cup Day.

At some point after we came here to live in Australia, my wife decided that she too wanted to stamp her mark on an annual event and make it her own. Now what could she possibly choose?

Halloween! (Of course). Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying my wife is a witch….

She even laid on food for all.

My wife preparing food for the party.

…… but she does host a very good Halloween party. She held the first one last year and on Saturday we held our second annual Halloween party at our house. Yes, Halloween happens here in Australia too.

The kids bobbed for apples…..

Bobbing for apples

Bobinozing for apples

whilst in the background……

bobin 2

…..the adults bobbed for beer and wine with a much more successful strike rate. We certainly had a house full with something like 16 adults and more than 20 children.

Nearly all of the children had dressed up, some looked quite horrific, and we had plenty of Halloween decorations hanging around including that giant spider who was at the front door to greet everyone. The kids played some other games too, including the bucket and water race and a ghost hunt. Meanwhile, the adults continued bobbing for beer and wine.

My wife and some of the other mums also took a posse of children out to do a little bit of “trick or treating”. As most of our kids are around five and six years of age, some preparation was made in advance.

A little earlier in the week, my wife visited some neighbours opposite us to ask if it was okay for our gang to knock on their doors. She also offered to supply the “treats” to ensure the event ran smoothly. Each and every one of our neighbours, who we don’t know at all well, agreed to the visits and refused the free treats.

The kids had a fantastic time trick or treating and our neighbours had all put in a lot of effort in anticipation of the visits. The children came back very excited, with a ton of treats, some individually wrapped in brown bags with “Happy Halloween” written on them in multicoloured felt tip pens and tied at the top with wool.

One of our neighbours had even dressed up to answer the door. Meanwhile, back at the party, the adults continued bobbing for beer and wine.

All in, we had a great time and the lash of the geshs left at around minite. My wife put her broomsssshhtick back into the cupboard and vowsshh to get it out again nesh year.

Halloween 3…. don’t mish it!

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