Hot & sunny in Australia. How’s the weather where you are?

The holiday is over. Now I am reduced to talking about the weather. But hey! I’m English, and that’s what we do.

As I write this I know that the whole of the UK is covered in a blanket of snow. As usual schools, buses, trains and, it would seem that life in general has ground to a halt. No doubt that everyone is moaning about Britain’s inability to cope with it. But I remember similar days when I lived in England and everything stopped. I loved it! You get to play in the snow, you don’t have to go to work, you can literally “chill out” for a couple of days.

On the contrary, here in Australia, it’s hot and sunny. No change there, you say. Well, not exactly.

Last Wednesday, temperatures in Adelaide hit 45.7°c, that’s about 114°f. Phew! What a scorcher, as The Sun would say. At night the temperature dropped to a low of 33.9°c (93°f). So, not very low at all. In fact it was the hottest night on record.

Now, let me cheer you up. Emergency services were on high alert to combat a number of fires caused by the heat. Public transport services were thrown into chaos because the heat had buckled tram and train lines. Power to some homes was lost as a number of transformers blew across the city. There. Do you feel better? It’s not just Britain.

Let me cheer you up even more. When the weather turns here, it can really turn. On the 16th November, a Sunday, we decided to go to Redcliffe to have a BBQ on the beach. That’s the sort of thing I have to do here to blend in. I took this picture on the beach at 3.12 pm.

Redcliffe 16th November at 3.12pm

Redcliffe 16th November at 3.12pm

We then left at about 4 pm and it was still hot and sunny. But we could see dark clouds in the direction of home. This picture was taken driving through the city at 4.45 pm – just three quarters of an hour later.

Driving Through Brisbane at 4.45pm

Driving Through Brisbane at 4.45pm

At the same time as we were driving through this, Dave and Ray were sitting in safety (hahaha) on their back deck over at The Gap, a suburb about twenty minutes away from where we were. The Gap was hit full force. This was their view….

My thanks to Dave and Ray for the excellent video.

It turns out that this was the worst storm to hit Brisbane for 10 years. I’ve heard the snow in Britain is the worst for 10 years. Weather!  It’s great talking about it, isn’t it?

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