Even in Paradise……

I think I may have mentioned it elsewhere on this blog, but when some friends of my wife’s came to stay with us last year they commented that living where we live was “as close to paradise as you can get”.

Yes, we think so too.

But even in Paradise you need to put the rubbish out and regular readers will know that where I live, the rubbish is collected on the Monday. So I load up my rubbish bins on the Sunday evening before wheeling them down to the front of the house.

Our rubbish bins live round the side of the house, just here…..

Our Bins

Our Bins

There was nothing unusual about Sunday’s operation, but today when I collected the bins from the front of the house to return them to their rightful positions, I noticed this….


A Puddle

Yes, it’s a puddle. Puddles here are quite unusual when it hasn’t rained for a while. But this puddle was even more unusual as it was accompanied by a hissing spraying sound. So I decided to take a closer look.

See it?

See it?

Great! Our house is leaking.

Turning off the water from the mains soon put a stop to the leak, well, all water actually. Afternoon tea was off!

After 30 minutes on the telephone to my insurance company they agreed to send some builders round to check it out. “They will probably telephone you today or tomorrow” I was told. Well, they didn’t ring today. “In the meantime you might like to ring a local plumber to see if he can isolate the leak so you can have water to the rest of the house”.

Well, I know a local plumber so I did and he was round within the hour. It turns out the leak is coming from the main pipe from which water enters the house, so no chance of isolation. Not only that, but the hole is in the worst possible place to get to. Not only is it under the path, it’s also under the house. So I need to wait for those builders to turn up to dig up the path and take out the side of the house.

As the plumber said “never seen one leak from there before”. Excellent!

Just goes to show, no matter where you live, even if it’s Paradise, the brown smelly stuff still happens.

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