Another Action Packed Australian Weekend

I often mention how there is always something to do every weekend here and always something different. The problem with that is all those little maintenance jobs around the house tend to get neglected as you go gallivanting off having fun each weekend.

This weekend my wife asked if I fancied going to the Coolum Kite Festival on the Sunday. Coolum is on the beach about an hour and a half’s drive from here. But kite flying???? It seemed a long way to go for just some kites. Anyway, I really wanted to keep the weekend clear as I had plenty of jobs to do, including the lawn.

My Lawn: Before

My Lawn: Before

But I was reminded that I had already agreed to go to one of my daughter’s friends birthday parties, she was going to be six on Saturday. But that was okay, the party started at 2 pm so surely I’d be home by 4:30 or five o’clock latest.

Turned out to be quite a big birthday party celebration; lots of adults and even more children, tinnies, wine, barbecue, new friends, a very busy swimming pool, two roast lamb joints and a pork joint later and we were home by 9:30 in the evening.

So Sunday became a dedicated jobs day, but I thought “Why shouldn’t you be able to go to the kite festival just because I can’t?” After all, we have YouTube!

It turns out the Coolum Kite Festival (another free event) is a lot more than just flying kites. I hope the unexpected appearance of cloud cover on this video does not spoil your enjoyment……..

So it was a shame we didn’t go, perhaps we’ll try and make it next year. But at least I got the lawn done…..

After: Just like Wimbledon

After: Just like Wimbledon

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