It’s Fun Living in Australia, Honest!

Enough of this already.

I absolutely love it living here in Australia, but just lately I must have come across like some kind of whingeing Pom. I’ve talked about dust clouds, snakes, killer sea creatures and expensive new and second-hand cars.

So it’s about time we had some fun! Time to remind ourselves what living in Australia is all about. Take a look at this awesome video…..

See, Australia is all about living the dream, the great outdoors, surfing, ripping, going to the beach, lapping up the sun and having fun.

Just try and ignore what looks like a shark at around 23 seconds in.

Time to go to the beach.

Australia’s beaches are a huge part of life here. Now, no matter where you live, you can go to the beach too. If you go to the Coastalwatch website, you can view the live beach cams and choose from a huge selection of locations.

One of my favourites is Mooloolaba.

Of course, as they are live cams, depending on where you live you may just end up staring at absolute darkness. If that’s the case, and then click on one of the replays which will be available in the box, top right.

Or, if you prefer, you can always get up in the middle of the night.

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