Oh My Word! I’m Going Camping

The last time I went camping was at Glastonbury Festival in 1992. But now, 17 years later, I’m chucking a tent in the boot of the car again and I’m off into the wilds to live side by side with nature’s wildest beasts.

Err, just like I did at Glastonbury.

But this time I’ve got a new tent…..

Should be big enough for the 3 of us.

Should be big enough for the 3 of us.

…. and I’m taking some extra stuff that I didn’t have last time. My wife and my daughter! Oh, and the dog….

Baggy's whacked out, he needs a break!

Baggy’s whacked out, he needs a break!

We’re off to a place called “Thunderbird Park”, which is over at Mount Tamborine, just an hour or so drive from here. And we are staying for…… two nights! You could say we are dipping our toe into this camping thing to see what it is like.

We’ll be going with the BeninOz family, so we have three little girls (one aged 3, the other two 5) who are very excited about this camping lark. We will see how the reality of it goes over the next couple of days.

There is, apparently, a ton of stuff we can do on the campsite itself. One of the main attractions listed is fossicking, which the little girls are really excited about, but they prefer to call it “hunting for dinosaur eggs”. The place is also famous for stargazing and I fancy doing plenty of that.

I just need to make some last minute preparations and to help I’m going to pop over to my friend Tina’s blog at family friendly Oz camping to make sure I have got everything I need. I am pretty sure I have covered it; I got the tent, sleeping bags, esky to keep the beer cold, a pint glass (got to keep in touch with my roots), 3 cups, some cutlery and the dog bowl.

I think that’s everything, but to be sure I will just check out the Tina’s Camping Equipment Checklist just in case I’ve missed anything.

I’ll let you know how it all went next week.

PS. The tent picture was taken the day after the dust storm – didn’t take long to clear up, did it?


You may have noticed, I talk about Tina’s camping website but there are no links, that’s because Tina has now moved on and created an even better site, it’s called the Travel Australia Planning Guide.

Well worth a visit!

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