Park(ing) Day in Brisbane 2009

You can never find a park(ing) space when you want one!

I had a great idea for today’s post. You see, today is Park(ing) Day. Park(ing) Day began in 2005 when Rebar, a San Francisco art and design group turned a parking space into a park in a protest against the amount of space being allocated to cars in the city at the expense of space for people.

A bit like this:

Since then, Park(ing) Day has gone international. And today it came to Brisbane. My plan was simple. Go into the city, take my cameras, shoot some videos, get some stills, make a video out of it all and post it on YouTube and my blog.

Even better, I could wait until Elizabeth finished school at three o’clock, grab the wife and we can make a family event out of it. So that’s what we did. By four o’clock we were all in the city.

Unfortunately, as it turns out, all the Park(ing) Day folk had packed up their gear and gone home. Dang! I am only guessing, but I would imagine Brisbane City Council only allowed them to do their thing on the day, provided they cleared off before the evening rush hour.

Not to worry I thought, somebody will have done a YouTube video about today’s Brisbane event and I can put that on my website. But nobody had. I would have been the first! Double dang!!

Of course, there are some people who create their Park(ing) Day spaces without permission. Like these guys in Sydney last year…..

I think international Park(ing) Day is a great idea and one that will get bigger and bigger as years go by. Who knows, I may even remember to get into the city a bit earlier next year and give the event some proper coverage.

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