Art in the Park and a Special Day

Not far from where I live are the Anstead Bushlands. You may remember that we went there for a barbecue a few weeks ago. Well, we would have had trouble getting on to the free barbecuing equipment this Sunday as the whole area was taken over by an event being held by the Pullen Pullen Catchment Group.

I’ve mentioned the PPCG before when I did a post about the platypus. Anyway, this weekend just gone they put together an event called “Art in the Park” which featured around 30 local artists displaying their, well, art!

They had live music including a band that seemed to be playing instruments rescued from the rubbish tip and recycled….

Playing rubbish (nicely)

Playing rubbish (nicely)

There was plenty of fun stuff for the kids to do including an activity area, face painting, information on wildlife, plant life and being served from the very barbecue we had been using a few weeks before, snags in dried bread (an Aussie kid’s favourite).

You do know what snags are, don’t you? I mentioned it on a previous post when I explained how to cook steak on the barbie.

Of the art, this was probably our favourite picture of the day. Mind you, you’d need a big wall to put it on, it was about 8 foot wide and 6 foot high.

from the art exhibition

from the art exhibition

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I will now. One of the things I absolutely love about Australia is the large number of community events that take place and how well they are supported. There is always somewhere to go and something to do that is different from what was on offer last week. And whatever it is, it caters for the children too.

Apart from Sunday being a fun day over at Anstead, it was also a very special day for ……….. ME!

It was Fathers Day in Australia.

It was a day I had been awaiting eagerly since I saw the delights that my daughter had prepared for her mummy on Mother’s Day. Elizabeth had showered her with lots of beautiful handmade gifts and I wanted some too. I wasn’t disappointed.

My haul of goodies

My haul of goodies

I got 7 cards, two moulded stars and one moulded heart, a book of vouchers with seven gifts including a foot massage, as many hugs as I wish and one voucher entitling me to read the newspaper quietly. A decorated wooden “x” which represents a kiss and a beautiful multi coloured pen holder which Elizabeth made by hand.

And as you can see, it is now official. I am the “World’s Best Dad”, (rosette at the back on the nest which she made for me at Art in the Park) so that’s nice! I also got a Toblerone and a stick of liquorice (not pictured – I ate them) which was lovely. Oh, I almost forgot. A paper aeroplane aswell!

And I got a card from my son who still lives in England. The card arrived a little bit early. June! He’s still on the English Fathers Day schedule. Better early than never!

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