Bird Watching in Brisbane

One mans fearless exploration of his own back garden.

They tell me that Brisbane is the bird capital of Australia with over 370 native and introduced species recorded in the area. I think most of them live in my back garden.

The other week I was complaining about our noisy new neighbour, today I want to tell you about a new local resident who I had hoped would have been a bit more of a laugh than he is.

When my daughter came home from school yesterday, halfway through talking to me she all of a sudden stopped and just gazed out of the window. Here’s why…..

But first, a warning. This video is a little on the long side but I kept it this way because for any interested birdwatchers, just listening to the sounds of the many birds in the background may well be worth the duration. For the rest of you, feel free to drag the red line across to speed things up.

Unless, of course, you want to experience the sound of tranquillity that comes from a back garden in the western suburbs of Brisbane.

Kookaburras are usually a little shy, so I was quite pleased to capture this footage of our new intruder. It’s a shame he didn’t laugh, but if you want to hear some having a right old giggle, click on the link halfway down my post which features the kookaburra sound.

Noisy neighbour update.

Somebody with a brain told me that the repetitive sound made by my noisy neighbour which I thought was Tourettes, is probably more likely to be a mating call. Well, if it is he must be the ugliest bird in the district! He is still around with his non stop hollering, I was surprised he didn’t turn up in today’s video, but doesn’t seem to have found a mate yet. So his call is clearly not working.

Or is it? Maybe he is the busiest bird in the district!

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  • Emily July 1, 2013, 5:13 pm |

    Hey Bob,
    What is wonderful is still after 5 years you see Ozzie wildlife as amazing. We are moving to Sydney in November and the birds and animals and er um the people of Oz never cease to amaze me. Thankyou for your site, love it ! Best wishes ,

    • BobinOz July 1, 2013, 11:09 pm |

      Who could possibly get sick of the wildlife here, it’s unique! As for the Kookaburra, it’s impossible not to smile when he’s laughing. Thanks Emily,


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