The Cost of Living in Australia: Electrical Goods

Time to take another look at the cost of living in Australia. My apologies to those of you who live anywhere in the world other than England, as this price comparison will be almost meaningless. But you can, of course, always use the Australian prices quoted here to compare with your price locally.

If you live in the United States of America, this price comparison probably gives you a good chance to laugh at the ridiculous prices being charged in two of your fellow English speaking nations. I would be genuinely shocked if you could not buy everything cheaper where you are than in either England or Australia.

So here’s the list……..

Prices in red are best, otherwise not enough in it to call.

Prices in red are best, otherwise not enough in it to call.

As with price comparisons before this one, items have been selected following a meaningless pattern which essentially revolves around simply trying to locate items with the same model numbers from each country.

So, what of the results?

If you’d have bought all 10 items in Australia they would have set you back a total of $8,326.82, whereas if you had purchased them in England the total would have been £4,121.88.

Today’s exchange rate is a frightening, if you live in England, 1.96 Australian dollars to the pound. This is about as low as I have ever seen it. But what it does mean is that using those rates you would have saved almost $250 by buying your electricals here in Australia instead of the UK.

So, Australia wins again. BUT!

If the exchange rate were to change to something like 2.03 Australian dollars to the pound, you would save about five bucks by buying all the goods in England. So only one fair conclusion can be drawn.

There is nothing in it. It’s a draw.

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