Latest Visa News Update: May 2018

Simon Earles MARA AgentThe following content has been written by Simon Earles, a MARA registered migration agent that I have been working closely with on this website since March 2014. Simon has already helped hundreds of my readers to move to Australia through our Visa Assessment Service.

Starting today, we are going to be offering regular updates on all the latest news with regards to visas, options and eligibility. The Australian government can change the rules at any time, so these updates will appear as and when required.

We hope you find this service useful.

1. SkillSelect

The current score as at 4 May 2018 for the Skilled Independent SC189 visa is 70 points. State and territory nominated categories are pegged at 60 points, but some states and territories require competitive points to offer a nomination, so simply reaching 60 points may not be enough to receive an invitation.

2. Back flip on Parent visa Assurance of Support (AOS) income requirements

New Parents visa AOS income requirements to sponsor were introduced as at 1 April 2018 which in some cases doubled the taxable income required to sponsor. They were not transitional provisions and only parents who have an AOS being currently considered by Centrelink are exempt.

The good news is that the government has backflipped and shelved these extreme amendments.

3. Recent significant changes to temporary and permanent work visas

Since April 2017 the previous Temporary (Long term) 457 visa program now the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) SC482 visa program and the Employer Nominated (ENS) and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) have undergone several significant format (and name) changes in relation to pathways to permanent residence and available occupations.

For more details about this, please visit my page Australian Government Abolishes 457 Visas.

In some cases, restrictions (caveats) have been imposed on certain occupations and certain occupation have been restricted to certain visa categories. In March 2018, discrete skilled occupation lists were updated for the points tested visa (SC189, 190 & 489 visa types), the ENS/RSMS visas and TSS visa.

Skilled occupation lists will be revised by the department every 6 months.

4. ENS restriction

Permanent ENS and RSMS occupations can now only be nominated from the Medium to Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and Regional Occupation List (ROL) respectively.

5. New Zealand citizens options

NZ citizens have a range of options for permanent residence ranging from:

  • the usual skill-based points tested visas (SC189, SC190 or SC489) available to any nationality;
  • the new Skilled Independent Sc 189 (NZ) visa pathway for those NZ citizens here before the 19 February 2016 – based on income and residence;
  • ENS visas with age and skill exemptions; or
  • The Resident Return visa (RRV) for a small cohort of applicants who were in Australia before 1994 and who can prove substantial connection and if they have been out of Australia for more than 5 years since their last entry prior to that date, that they have compelling circumstances to explain that absence;
  • If in Australia as at the 26 April 2001 then as Eligible New Zealand citizens they are deemed the equivalent of an Australian permanent resident and able to apply for Australian citizenship without first being an Australian permanent resident by meeting the usual residence requirement.

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