A Burleigh Heads Break for the School Holidays

I would have told you about this on Monday, but I didn’t, because I was enjoying the day off on account that it was the Queen’s Birthday. Of course, it wasn’t really the Queen’s Birthday, but then I expect you knew that, assuming you have read When is the Queen’s Birthday?

If you haven’t read it, it is worth a look; it’s complicated.

Queen Elizabeth IIThat is not to say we had a Bank Holiday Monday here in Australia, we don’t have those. We have Public Holidays, but then I expect you knew that as well, assuming you have read Australian Public Holidays and British Bank Holidays Compared.

Our Public Holiday on Monday did have one similarity to how I remember many UK Bank Holiday Mondays though, and that was the weather. It was awful; dull and grey and rained all day…

Grey-dayWhat made this rainy Public Holiday so unusual though, was that here in Brisbane, we have had hardly any rain at all in the last two months. In fact, to be precise, because I can, here is the exact amount of rainfall we’ve had in Brisbane during August and September this year:

  • September 2017 – 6 mm on Saturday the 23rd
  • August 2017 – a total of 5.2 mm in all, falling on four different days, the 7th, 19th, 23rd and 25th

All up, at just over 11 mm, that’s probably about the amount of milk you would use in a mug of tea.

In fairness, there wasn’t a lot of rain on Monday either, but here in Brisbane we usually get massive downpours and then it stops. On Monday though, we had 6.6 mm, but it did rain all day. Yes, I remember it well, it’s called drizzle.

It was like a trip down memory lane for me.

Burleigh Heads

So, there was no fun at the beach for us on this particular holiday Monday, but we did grab a bit of seaside sunshine the week before. We spent a few days down in Burleigh Heads on Gold Coast during the two week school spring holiday.

We have been to Burleigh before, but only to visit the Burleigh Heads Brewing Company on the way back from Tugun, Currumbin and Palm Beach; A Weekend Break on the Gold Coast. This time we got the chance to check out the beaches and the town centre of Burleigh Heads.

Our apartment wasn’t great…

apartmentBut when we walked out that front sliding door and crossed the road we were on the beach, this beach…Burleigh BeachBurleigh BeachLocation! Location! Location!‘ As they say.

Nice spot for a gin and tonic…

Gin and tonicSurfers Paradise is about 11 kilometres north of Burleigh Heads, you can’t miss it…



SurfersWalk south to the other side of this hill, known as Tumgum Lookout…

Tumgum Lookout…and you will find yourself looking across the creek at Tallebudgera, like this…

Tallebudgera Creek

Tallebudgera CreekA few years ago Elizabeth went on a School Trip to Tallebudgera and climbed what she called ‘the mountain’. Well she was only 10, must’ve looked quite big to her then.

Burleigh Heads’ shopping area was quite lively with plenty of trendy shops and cafes.BurleighLots of those cafes were selling acai bowls. We’d never heard of these things, but maybe you have all been eating acai bowls for years and we are behind the loop here, or maybe not. For sure though, once you have seen one acai bowl shop, you will start seeing them all the time, I now do. They are everywhere.

If you are like me though, there are probably a couple of things you’d like to have cleared up at this point.

Firstly, how do you pronounce acai? Amazingly, there are two different ways…

In Australia, we use the second of the two.

Second question has to be what is an acai bowl? YouTube is awash with many recipes, here is one of them…

Too easy, but I’ll stick with my All-Bran.

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  • Ozimandias October 8, 2017, 5:47 pm |

    I thibk Acai is pronounced ass-eye. Not sure if that is deliberate, but it put a new perspective on Acai bowl. This stuff was heavily promoted on the internet about 8-9 years ago, to great success by the vendors, given that I bought it solely due to the incessant ads.
    It tastes pretty bad and is astrigent. Once was enough!
    Burleigh Heads is a premium area of the GC. One thing I really liked about Brizzie was the weekend options, with numerous beaches within a few hours, including this area.

    • BobinOz October 9, 2017, 7:38 pm |

      You can’t say ass here, this is a family website 🙂 I managed to resist the urge to buy one of these bowls of whatever, given what you’ve said, I think I will continue to resist.

      That’s what I like about Brisbane as well, even though it doesn’t have any really decent beaches of his own, it has great access a short drive away to many many golden sandy destinations.

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