A Weekend Trip to Tenterfield, New South Wales

Just two days after posting about how hot it was on People’s Day in Brisbane last week, we went away for the weekend. Six of us set off in the car at around 4 o’clock on Friday, and drove for 3 1/2 hours.

We were heading south-west, a journey that took us from the ‘frying pan’ of Brisbane, to the freezing of Tenterfield. Allow me to show you some of my holiday snaps and tell you a few things about the place along the way.

First, let’s look at High Street…

High Street, Tenterfield High Street, Tenterfield

High Street, TenterfieldWith a population of just under 7000 though, once you look behind the high street, there is very little there…

Behind the high streetFor a small town, it doesn’t do bad on pubs. I counted three of them, and I also saw at least a couple of clubs, one bowls and one golf, that also had bars. Here are two of the pubs…

Pub Tenterfield

Pub TenterfieldTenterfield is just over the border in New South Wales. It’s about 60 kilometres past Stanthorpe, one of the coldest towns in Queensland. Stanthorpe is on the Granite Belt Wine Region and we went there last winter for our winter weekend fix of cold.

We really liked Stanthorpe and we like Tenterfield as well. But what’s interesting about Tenterfield?

Barnaby JoyceBarnaby Joyce MP, as the Nationals Member for New England, has his office in Tenterfield. You may have heard of Barnaby Joyce, as I write this he is the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, but nobody really knows if he will be for much longer.

He is currently embroiled in the dual citizenship scandal when it was recently discovered that he has New Zealand citizenship by descent. It’s causing quite a fuss in these parts; for more see Australia’s constitutional citizenship mess.


You can buy a detached three bedroom house for $137,000 in Tenterfield…

House for saleYou can buy an even better one for $280,000, with mountain views and 9 acres…

Better houseThe Tenterfield Shire Council offices are very pleasant…

Tenterfield Shire CouncilBut we went to Tenterfield for cold, and we got it. Here’s something I have never seen in Brisbane, but was in plentiful supply in Tenterfield.


Frost in Tenterfield Frost in Tenterfield

Frost in TenterfieldThe temperature on the Sunday of our stay fell to an extremely low -7°C…

Tenterfield TemperatureLuckily, we had a roaring fire to keep us warm through the night.

roaring fireQuite an interesting town, you are probably thinking. It gets even more interesting.

Tenterfield Saddler

Tenterfield also has the Tenterfield Saddler…

Tenterfield SaddlerMore about that when we get to our selection of videos.

Thunderbolt’s Hideout

Thunderbolt Hideout

Thunderbolt HideoutCaptain Thunderbolt was an Australian bushranger, the longest roaming bushranger in Australian history. He had a bit of a reputation for being a ‘gentleman bushranger’. He spent quite a bit of time in this area, mostly in the Royal Oak Inn.

This was apparently one of his hideouts, although back in the day there wasn’t a great big sign to tell everybody where it was. It wouldn’t have been much of a hideout if there were and would have surely made it quite difficult for him to have achieved that status of being the longest roaming bushranger in Australian history. We found this hideout on the way to Bald Rock.

Bald Rock

Bald Rock is the largest exposed granite surface in the southern hemisphere. It doesn’t look too difficult a climb from where we were standing…

Bald RockBut it’s one of those rocks that if you do decide to walk up it, and then of course down it, you don’t want to trip up. You’ll just keep on tumbling until you get to the bottom. So, just like when we went to Uluru, we didn’t bother.

Here’s what it does look like though to those who do climb it. This is a fantastic piece of film from Into the Wild Films…

Nearby is Boonoo Boonoo Falls, but we felt that the 14 km drive across an unmade road followed by what would probably be a quite lengthy trek was too much for us. It’s certainly much easier to see Boonoo Boonoo Falls by drone…

Who knew there could be so much in and around Tenterfield? And I haven’t finished yet. As I said earlier, I’d get back to the Tenterfield Saddler.

It’s a shop in Tenterfield. It’s also a song by man called Peter Allen. He was born in Tenterfield, and he was Liza Minnelli’s first husband. The Tenterfield Saddler was owned by his granddad, and he immortalised it in the following song…

So much to see and do, and I didn’t even get around to talking about the nearby wineries or the kangaroos…



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  • Rosie January 5, 2019, 1:15 am |

    Liked your page on Tenterfield…have only driven through it in the past, on the way elsewhere. But it looks nice for a little place, and although have been a Queenslander from birth, with each passing year (and many have passed !) I loathe the heat – and the insects that proliferate – more and more. I dream about moving to a cold place to live, permanently. So Tenterfield’s low temps sound good to me. Btw, I’ve climbed Bald Rock and descended on the steep side, with no trouble at all; there’s a bit of a trick to the descent. BUT don’t attempt it without wearing flat footwear that has a really good strong rubber, or similar, worn-in grip. Granted that was a good few years ago. It was well worth the effort. Also done Boonoo Boonoo Falls. The whole area is so beautiful, great to visit.

    • BobinOz January 7, 2019, 7:10 pm |

      Tenterfield would certainly be the perfect place for somebody who hates the heat, but it would be too cold for me during winter. I don’t mind doing it for a long weekend, just to feel the cold for a change, but I couldn’t live there all the time.

      Stanthorpe, which is close to Tenterfield but still just about in Queensland is also worth a look. I’ve written a post about that town as well…


      Well done for climbing that rock, and visiting the falls, and yes, it is a beautiful area.

  • vicki Turner October 15, 2018, 5:56 pm |

    Thanks Bob, heading out to Tenterfield in April..

    thanks for the tips


    • BobinOz October 15, 2018, 9:15 pm |

      My pleasure. Be sure to check out the wineries while you’re there, if you like that kind of thing. Cheers, Bob

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