Hot People’s Day in Brisbane

Okay, before we go any further, I think I ought to clear up the title of today’s post. In these days of Instagram, I can see why some of you may be drawing conclusions that are not correct.


Firstly, let me explain what the ‘Hot’ in the above title means. Yes, today was hot. Here’s a picture of the indoor/outdoor thermometer that sits on a blue cabinet in my house…

Temperature homeIt was only just over one month ago that Brisbane’s winter temperature failed to beat London’s summer heat in the epic battle about How Brisbane’s Winters Compare with London’s Summers.

At that time, both cities scored a quite warm 24°C, although London won it on the tie-break. Look at Brisbane now though, scoring a scorchio 31.2°C, and it’s still winter.

But maybe my indoor/outdoor thermometer is not very accurate?

Here’s what Weatherzone had to say…

Temperature BrisbaneYes, it would seem that my temperature gauge is exaggerating things a bit, by almost 3°. But I live about 20 kilometres from the centre of Brisbane and it is warmer out my way. To prove that, let’s head in my direction.

As the crow flies, Amberly is about 37.0149 kilometres south-west of Brisbane and I live pretty much slap bang in the middle. Here’s what the temperature was at Amberly at exactly the same time…

Temperature AmberlyYes, it’s accurate.

Today was incredibly hot, especially for winter. Not as hot as it was though back in August 2009, as you can see in my post that explained El Nino and La Nina at that time.

Now allow me to explain people’s day.

People’s Day

People’s Day is a day off for the people. Today it was People’s Day where I live, but it wasn’t People’s Day for other people in other places around Brisbane. People are given a day off on People’s Day so they can go to the EKKA. And if you’re getting a little confused and you don’t know what all this means, then I have a post that can help you out with it all.

It has the incredibly descriptive title of People’s Day in Brisbane and Everything You Need to Know About the EKKA. What that post doesn’t explain too well though is that whilst Brisbane has the EKKA, other cities around Australia have a similar kind of thing under a different name.

They are ‘Show Days’, which are country shows and they are very big in Australia, because, well, we do have a lot of country. To find out more about these country shows around Australia, I have a post about that as well, it’s called Show Day Holidays in Australia.

This isn’t a proper post Bob, this is you just regurgitating old stuff!‘ I hear you say.

Well, in fairness, it is a day off for me today, it’s People’s Day!

I hope I have now fully explained the title ‘Hot People’s Day in Australia’. Sorry for any confusion and disappointment caused to any Instagramers, and if any of you have read this far, this is for you…

Disappointed InstagramersMy thanks to As The Crow Flies Distance Calculator for their assistance here; no prizes for guessing what with.

And I’d also like to thank Families Magazine for this great video which will give you a good idea of what the EKKA is all about…

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  • Mary August 17, 2017, 1:27 pm |

    Well can’t wait to see your winter! We’re visiting Perth this week where it’s a little bit cold but will be on Sunshine Coast next week so really hope it’ll be warmer !

    • BobinOz August 18, 2017, 12:25 am |

      Today was even hotter here, my car temperature gauge was telling me it was 34° and it is normally pretty accurate. According to the weather forecast, it’s still going to be quite warm next week, about 25° to 27°. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

      Sunshine Coast is gorgeous as well, hope you have fun.

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