Another Sunny Day in Queensland? Not Quite…

On the afternoon of Wednesday 9 November this year we had a rather violent hailstone storm pass over our house. Here’s how our swimming pool looked on the day; please do click on the picture to see the full view…

hailstonesPoor Mrs Bob was out in the car at the time. She got caught up in it when she was just five minutes from home, and she wasn’t best pleased. She knows how much damage these things can do, she was caught in Brisbane’s Worst Storm since the 80s. The hail damage to her car was extensive and she had to wait something like 18 months before it got fixed.

A lot of cars got damaged that day, so there was a bit of a queue at the panel beaters.

Luckily for her she was driving close to a nearby old peoples home and she knew they had a car park with a roof, because she has delivered Meals on Wheels there in the past. So she swung in to take shelter and waited 40 minutes before continuing her journey home.

If you ever find yourself in a similar position, just find the nearest shelter as quickly as you can. I’d even suggest parking on a private driveway if there is a space in their carport. I’m sure the owners wouldn’t mind, given the circumstances.

Brisbane cyclone

But today’s post is actually about another weather event that took place last Sunday. I was at home all day, a day that I would have described as ‘another sunny day in Queensland’. Mrs Bob and Elizabeth went tenpin bowling in a Brisbane suburb called Richmond on a school arranged outing.

They drove back to our house at about 2:15 PM and were home before 3 o’clock. Then a couple of Elizabeth’s friends came round and they all went swimming in the pool.

Yes, another sunny day in Queensland. But not quite. Imagine my surprise when watching the news that evening I am told that Brisbane was hit by a cyclone. Yes, just 20 kilometres north of us, maybe 25, up to 157 km/h winds ripped through Brisbane Airport and the surrounding area.

Let’s look at a couple of videos.

Firstly, over at Brisbane Airport, 4.6 tonne containers were being flipped around like cardboard boxes. As one Brisbane Airport worker said on the news, ‘It was like a giant game of Jenga gone wrong‘…

And then there’s the story of these two lads, sailing in their yacht and approaching Brisbane during the final hour of their three-month voyage from French Polynesia…

Well done lads! You took it in your stride. I think I heard one of them say at one point “What do I do if we go over?” I didn’t catch the answer, but I think we are all pleased for them that it didn’t come to that.

Meanwhile, whilst all this was happening, the kids were happily splashing around in our sundrenched swimming pool not far away from all that chaos.


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